Cash Back vs. Rewards Credit Cards

Ah, it's good to use credit!

Not only do you have a moment to buy now-pay later plastic, but now many credit card rewards and incentives to use the card to buy. You can get money back, or gift cards or "prize points" that you can spend on products or services from a variety of merchants. There are also cards that allow you to design "cash back" pointing to charity – sometimes called affinity card – and those who put your money back into a special savings account for college.

Great deal, right? You spend your money and get something instead. Catching is, of course, you pay interest and card fees to get your money back. But if you're using the credit card anyway you could also get something back from it, right? [19659002] Most backpack cards give you 1-2% of money in most of your purchases. You'll be aware of certain times for the amount of your money and & # 39; You can read and spend money on anything you want.

Award cards give you 1-5 prizes for each dollar you spend on different merchants and brands of merchants. Most people pay you 5 prize points for purchase as a gift There are a lot of things about their buyer, thanks for the network and for the purchase of gas stations, pharmacies and supermarkets. You get 1 prize for every dollar you spend with other merchants. You can then redeem your prize points for certain items from buyers who belong to the credit card transaction system.

What is the better option?

Each type of credit card has its own pros and cons and the better option depends on what matters most to you.

Financial Compensation – Advantages

You can use cash anywhere, for any purchase.
Returns 1% – 2% cash back on all purchases.

Award Aid – Disadvantages

Prize Points can give prizes more value, especially because of the purchase of stores in stores, gas stations and supermarkets.
Rebate can only be used when an inspection is issued.

Prize Points – Advantages

Prizes are often higher than cash. If you use the credit card for purchases made on the merchant account, you can earn up to 5% worth when you spend your prize points.

Prize points can be used at battlefields. Some card companies may need to collect a certain number of prize points before redeeming, but reward opportunities are often easier than cash reimbursement.
Prize points can be used for cash prizes in some cases.

Prize Point – Disadvantages

Prize Points can only be redeemed from certain merchants and / or on special products.

Whichever you choose, it's good to get something back when you choose to use credit. If you are a frequent user with a credit card, it can increase the benefits. Among the merchants belonging to various Merchant Member networks are such well-known companies as airlines, Saks Fifth Avenue, Evelyn & Crabtree and Smarter Edge.

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