Car repair shops accept environmentally acceptable practices

It took a long time to figure out some of the things we've done in the past are not the best practices in a healthy environment. Most people are now aware of the importance of involving environmentally friendly practices in all environments. This is true for car factories as well as for households.

How can car repair business reduce negative environmental impacts?

Here are some good practices that can be accepted by the car store:

Antifreeze, oils, lubricants, air conditioning refrigerants, tires and oil filters are obvious, but what about cardboard, plastic, metal, fluorescent bulbs, glasses and other objects just to be placed under the garbage can? It takes a lot of time to sort things out, but if you have a system, it takes a few minutes a day.

Return Center
When using your own shop, use the products and replace items such as used car lubricants, filters, antifreeze, used plastic oil and antifreeze containers and all types of batteries. In our shop, we welcome a maximum of 20 liters of liquid in sealed containers, working hours. It's just good and provides comfort to customers who have to go out of their way to get rid of these items.

Recycled Oil
While we do not dispute the method or intent, we are not convinced that it is a viable option for sophisticated modern engines like most cars today. The better option is to remove waste oil from a certified cargo carrier as fuel from large industrial plants. It provides a new life to the oil and is responsibly reused. Good Use of Recycled Products
When using recycled products such as Recycled antifreeze and coolant fluids where the process corresponds to the vehicle manufacturer's original equipment. Approximately two-thirds of the used coolant is used.

Let's face it, cars are hazardous waste generators, even if they are still sitting. We have not found a way to reach near zero carbon emissions yet, but it is our responsibility to minimize the negative impact. This responsibility is shared by the owner of the car as much as the store offers to the car. A top-notch car not only reduces carbon emissions, but a car salon that uses environmentally friendly practices that contributes to community well-being.

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