Can I get iPhone 3G or Droid 2.0?

Here's the question: "Can i get iPhone 3G or Droid 2.0?"

While both are incredibly awesome smart phones, it's great to do it all at once. It is more likely that we are only at our side at this time.

Both the iPhone and the Droid are a great thing about each other. But when it comes down, it's more personal preference when choosing our phones.

So, to answer the big question about which smartphone should be based on key points between the iPhone and the Droid.

The most important considerations are the Network on which the phone is created and the user experience on all phones.

The number one thing that needs to be considered in the service. The iPhone is married to AT & T and Droid to Verizon.

Verizon's hand has the best network service and has more 3G coverage than AT & T and does not mention all the data that use hungry iPhones at AT & T to dry their GSM / HSPA towers. However, AT & T's GSM / HSPA network is standard in the world. This means you can bring your iPhone while traveling while still being able to pick up and make a call outside of the United States.

The second thing to consider is the user experience. Okay, let me tell you that there is really no learning curve when you pick up the iPhone for the first time. You grab the iPhone, wake up and now is the simplest and incredibly intuitive design. It's easy to see as a smartphone for the fastest person. While the Motorola Droid was based on features that were all scattered into a rather large interface. Not the Droid and all. This actually packs a punch with the ability to multitask much better than an iPhone.

Well, as I said, everything about personal preferences. For a while I was a Mac fan but I do not like AT & T.

You must consider the key points of the iPhone and the Droid before you decide.

So before you ask yourself, "Can I get iPhone 3G or Droid 2.0?" First, you should consider both sides before you choose.

Here's another thing to consider, maybe a better way to get a smartphone.

Allows them to consider new things this smartphone this time. Consider this idea .

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