Can FitBit help you reduce high blood pressure?

FitBit is one of many brands available at a clinic marketed as a way to improve your health. To be fair, no special health claims are made, but to improve the health of heart disease and thereby reduce hypertension is a unique sales offer for this type of device. Did FitBit find this requirement?

I got FitBit as a gift and before I got it I had not thought about such devices. I soon discovered that to use it, I even had to upgrade my smartphone to use the latest generation of the operating system, as the device records and displays data on the phone. App.

Another Need to Understand This type of fitness screen is that it only records and displays data. What matters is how you use it. How it is raised also affects the results it produces. The tabloid short press story of grandmother, who had been given this type of device, had clocks up tens of thousands of steps every day, even though she had not understood her sofa. It turned out she was knitting clothes for her grandchildren and the device her movements felt incorrectly like walking!

I am on my right hand and usually use a wristwatch on my left arm. I started to wear my FitBit on the right arm and it was installed accordingly. It soon became clear that it was also wrong to interpret my arm movements and was counting them as I was walking. Wearing the device on the left arm and setting the settings gave much more detailed information.

The above anecdotes show that it is the type of movement you take that is important. Right walking or jogging for 30 to 45 minutes each day has been shown to lower high blood pressure by up to 10% and the benefit lasts for about 23 hours. Therefore, exercising daily is important to reduce hypertension. It is important that your heart rate increases for at least 30 minutes to get that benefit.

Type of Health Check I have counted the number of steps I take in a 24-hour period. It also works out how many minutes of exercise I've taken, how far I've gone, and how many calories I've used. The more steps taken at a certain time will cause more calories to burn.

All interesting things, but use this type of device to lower high blood pressure? The answer is that it depends on how you use it. To make the most of it and to lower your blood pressure, you need an exercise plan and the device's use to monitor your progress.

My practice plan is simple. My goal is to take no less than 10,000 steps each day (about 5 miles), of which 3 miles are taken at one synchronized 45-minute session with a fast run. The rest is made with shorter exercise times.

Where is my health screen included in my schedule? I have a goal and a training plan. The monitor follows my progress in reaching my goal and letting me know if I'm on track or have fallen behind. In short, it encourages me to reach my goal. The App does this with a series of prompt messages displayed on the device and nudge me if I have been disabled for an hour and provide weekly progress.

Can FitBit (or similar devices) really help to reduce high blood pressure? Yes, if used correctly and in conjunction with the appropriate exercise plan.

Source by Robert Reddin

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