Camera or smartphone? Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom


Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is a direct spin of the original Samsung Galaxy S4, but there are major changes in the design to ensure the ultimate camera deal. The touchscreen display has decreased from 5 inches to 4.3 inches to ensure that its ergonomic features are naturally in hand, like a simple compact camera would.

The Chrome zoom lens expands slightly from the back of the phone and adds little weight to the product at 208 grams. From the front it is impossible to detect the true nature of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, which looks like another smartphone.


Permanent experience with this device will soon let users forget that it's actually a smartphone. The camera side of these hybrid devices is quite impressive with a 16 megapixel lens and, more importantly, the 10x optical zoom. I mention this as most cameras have a digital zoom that understands when compared to an independent compatible camera.

The magnification is controlled by turning the lens expanding from the back of the device, and this is a much more natural experience compared to camera devices that move through touch and zoom on the touchscreen.

While I was reviewing the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom I was amazed at the quality of the pictures, and they were in their league compared to the results from other camera tools.

Just like a compact camera there are many options to choose from to make sure the best picture is taken. Auto mode will suit most circumstances, but the night setting is worth activating in the evening as the results go far beyond those taken in auto mode. It's also an expert mode for those who want a little more control and here I could set shutter speeds, ISO, aperture and brightness.


This smartphone works very well and includes many features used on the original Samsung Galaxy S4. These include Samsung applications like S Translate, S Travel, S Voice, and Story Album.

It's a dual core 1.5GHz processor to handle complex tasks and the same Android v4.2 operating system is included and this gives access to Google Play for new downloads of applications.


Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is advanced as a compact camera and features as well as smartphone, although the original exceptions are when the phone's information is viewed side by side.

This is probably the first camera smartphone I've seen where I'd suggest, hand-to-heart, so your camera is at home as this phone / camera is upset.

Source by Michael MB Brown

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