Buying iPads, Mobile Phones and Gadgets in Chiang Mai

Like all good modern cities, Chiang Mai is a place where you can satiate your gadget desire and need for technology easily and quickly and you will find fewer places where you can buy an entire desktop computer, custom built, for less: Cheapest unlocked mobile phones, peripherals and accessories like Bluetooth headsets, speakers, keyboard, HDMI or USB cables and mice are available almost everywhere. Indeed, 7-11 have started selling headsets and mini speakers to carry your netbooks, smartphones or iPods. If you're just here to visit, it's also useful to buy a cheap gadget in Thailand and claim a tax refund when you leave, who can spend some money. In particular, they can be found in information technology or digital shopping malls in the following locations:

Panthip Plaza

Panthip Plaza is located on Chang Klan Road in Night Bazaar (also known as Night Market), a small version of the famous digital shopping mall in Bangkok with the same name. Although it is much smaller in size than its older counterpart, it also has the option of being less narrow, less noisey and having a little more class: the building includes dental services, Shabushi restaurant and Fuji Japanese restaurant as well as a top-floor food court , as well as a SE-ED bookstore and several coffee shops. You can find software, games (PC, XBOX 360 and PS3 like, if you're a little back you can also buy very cheap PS2s), digital cameras and hardware parts, from RAM, USB drives, supply units to LCD monitors big and small. There are also several shops in the house that allow you to select these items and put them together for you at no extra cost: choose, if you want, to Newegg if you live in Thailand. That way, you can get a very powerful gaming desktop for almost half the price you paid in the US, UK or Australia. At the time of writing, almost nothing is available for those looking for a new shiny smartphone. However, you must open HTC's store soon at Panthip Plaza if you are looking for any Windows Phone 7 or Android goodies in your life.

Siam TV

An elegant electronics store selling everything from washing machines and radiators to the latest and best HDTV and 3D TVs from Samsung, Sony and LG. Of course, their catalog includes laptops and netbooks from leading brands, including but not limited to Toshiba, Acer, Asus, Dell and HP, as well as smartphones, phone features, and all peripheral devices they include. They also create Android tablets and iPads. On the second floor is at the True Vision office (if you need to subscribe to your cable) and a small cafe with cold and mixed drinks.

Computer Plaza

Located in the Old City area at the intersection of Manee Nopparat Road, this digital shopping mall is very similar to Panthip Plaza but has the disadvantage of being rather older and a little grubby about the edges. It offers a range of products, like the Panthip Plaza, but is far further from the Night Bazaar and quite uncomfortable to achieve if housing is not in the local area.

Computer Square

Computer Plaza;

Central Airport Plaza

The third floor at Central Airport Plaza is dedicated almost exclusively to technology: whoever you are in, you must see many brands of computer brands and indeed the most famous names have their own shops here, including Dell, Lenovo , HP, Sony and Acer for computer manufacturers. For smartphones OEMs, you can expect to find a beautiful, cool shop that shows the latest and greatest HTC (Desire HD, Incredible S, HD7 and Mozart) that show live AMOLED or Super AMOLED desktops and the latest version of Android. If you're after a television or two, Sony and LG stores are dedicated to them too, as the latter also offers smartphones like the incredibly advantageous dual-alloy LG 2X running on the Nvidia Tegra 2 system on the chip. Nokia is also represented in a relatively large store and you can find a Nokia service center directly opposite the shopping center itself. Off to the side next to the IT City store, you'll find many smaller cellular numbers that buy and sell either device (today not limited to just phones but also iPads, Blackberry Playbook and Samsung Galaxy Tab along with Acer Iconia Tab or two), which is completely ideal if you are a type of gadget that needs to change handsets or tablets every few months – sell your money, collect the money and turn off getting a shiny new one.

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