Buy a smartphone for your teenager at Christmas

Teenagers and cell phones live together like birds of prey. They constantly express themselves and have to pay 100 US dollars in a call to keep talking to their friends. But with the new wave of smartphones becoming mainstream this year, many teens will ask again and again for a new smartphone before Christmas. As a parent, it can be very difficult to know which one is best for your child.

Why buy a smartphone

Smartphones are much more than mobile phones. You have full internet access that also makes email very easy. People can create videos and watch videos from sites like YouTube. You also have a built-in music player so you always have your favorite album with you. The top models are also a great gaming machine. As you can see, they are much more than just phones.

The Best Smartphone To Buy


iPhone is a leader in the market as it was the first genre that really showed the mobile phone's multimedia capability. The latest iPhone 4 has risen in terms of utility and number of features. The other manufacturers have been slow to respond to this but now there are some competing machines that could just knock the iPhone of the throne

The Blackberry Torch

The Blackberry Torch is a very good look. It has a brand new operating system that has added many new features. As a working company and educator, the best is with many applications designed to facilitate productivity on the go. This is also the first sexy, chic look Blackberry that a teenager would even consider wearing in his pocket.


The main technology used by other manufacturers is called Android. It's actually an iPhone software system that makes it work differently behind the scenes. HTC EVO 4G is probably the best Android handheld at the moment. It has an 8 mega pixel high resolution camera and takes HD video format. You can also use it as a full video call with the camera in front. I expect this model to give the iPhone running for their money in this Christmas sales.

The Smartphone Choice is Yours

Most teens will love to own any of these machines so the choice will really come down to look and style as much as anything else. Without the connection, you pay from about $ 600 to $ 900 for one of these smartphones. With a connection that I strongly recommend, you can pay a small payment and then a monthly connection fee. For example, I paid $ 65 to sign up and now pay $ 35 monthly. This gives me unlimited text and data. In your country, the situation may be different, so check with different suppliers.

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