Butterfly Symbol stands for Feng Shui and Chinese culture

In China butterfly has been a popular symbol for centuries. The butterfly is called mandarin-language "hu tieh". The term "tieh" turns for seventy years, and as a result, animals are made a symbol of long life. But butterfly for the Chinese is love, especially young love. It symbolizes the immortal bond of lovers.

For feng shui applications, the use of butterflies is the same as using the bird symbol. Both butterflies and birds fly freely, and this refers to a deep human desire for a free and joyful life close to heaven / heaven. Because love is the most transformative feeling that feels like flying, the butterfly is the most common symbol used for feng shui for love and romance. Another use of the other symbol of feng shui is Bagua Creativity and Children, as it energizes the free flow of creative energy of your life.

Picture of butterflies can be used as a temporary cure for any area requiring a transformation of your life. If you are in trouble in certain areas of your life, try these butterflies energy in your bedroom or home in the appropriate Bagua area. Butterfly knows how to gracefully cross the transformation stages so that they become beauty and they will also be guided to do the same thing in their lives with ruthlessness and ease.

The butterfly-design week on the towels is the perfect gift for a new couple. Though butterflies are depicted in various artistic media, they are not as popular as Chinese dragons that contain such insects. The butterfly kite is one of the most popular dragons on earth. In ancient times, the dragons were actually used as wall hangings in homes. This is due to the symbol that the butterfly reported to the Chinese. With the butterfly, they tried to make a healthy and long life with their art to decorate their home.

Butterfly art manifests itself in the body art of tattoos. This butterfly symbol is a hot favorite, especially among ladies. These butterflies are represented through the unique, beautiful art form of flat painting. The image of the butterfly was painted in silk-colored colors, sometimes accompanied by some Chinese calligraphic texts that contain inspirational words.

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