Bust These Myths About Ukrainian Women And Girls

A few misconceptions about Ukrainian girls and women spread online. I often read posts and even answers to questions on reputable web sites that get the most views and they are written by people who have never been to Ukraine or a dated local girl.

For some reason, these people think they are eligible to judge women of all people because they know someone who spoke or dated a Ukrainian girl online for about 15 years. It would be terrible if it was not so sweet.

Let's spend some of the myths of classical Ukrainian girls. Do not consider the facts of fiction and reality of the day compared to what had been 20 years ago.

4 typical myths about Ukrainian women

1. They live in poverty. Syrian refugees join the latest iPhone and you think that women from European countries go without modern gadgets, the internet and Italian fashion? Yes, their salary is lower if you think equals in your currency. However, prices in their country are also significantly lower. Can you spend a week at sea for USD $ 300? They can. Can you buy an apartment for $ 15,000?

They can. The majority of Ukrainian women have their homes direct, no mortgage. You may need less money after paying the bills than they do. Thus you can be the one who lives in poverty compared to them. Indeed, many westerners move to live in Ukraine because their money goes so far there. Go to YouTube and watch some videos with aerial or drone views across Kiev, Odessa or Lviv. You will be impressed.

2. They want to marry rich foreigners. Women of all nations prefer to honor men to poor guys. It's barely news. Unique girls of any nationality, want to meet an appropriate and stable boy when they think of settling down. Ukrainian girls are not different. There is no nationality here.

3. Ukrainian women have no career. In their own country, there are currently no job prospects for the economic situation in the last two years (2014-2016). The average salary decreased by half and the number of companies closed. This is why many Ukrainians go to work abroad. Near Poland, over 1 million Ukrainians have work there. Then they come home, buy 15,000,000 apartments and live pretty well. Because they may not fully know the language or do not have local skills, Ukrainians often work in younger places or those who are easy to get (collect and package fruit for example). It does not mean they have no career but they simply do what they can to support their family at home. Seasonal jobs are the easiest to get. She may have a degree as a teacher or even a doctor, but work as a cashier in Europe. Such jobs are easy to get to foreigners and paid better than what she would have done in Ukraine to do their skilled job.

4. Girls from Ukraine are a goldsmith. Look at the plethora of Sugar Daddy websites and see which countries women come from. Are they Ukrainians? No, most of them are western girls and women. Yes, every nation has its share in gold-gray women. But these types are easy to choose for those who have experience in dating. Guys who fall for goldgraves are often users themselves. Especially those who want to marry or marry a girl 20-30 years younger, they are likely to run into some of the digging brand and face problems. Good girls choose boys of their own age or slightly older (5-10 years old). All you need is to have a permanent job and do not abuse alcohol. If you want to add to this important positive feature, you also want to sit down and maybe have children, then you will notice their unobtrusive attention. Ukraine has one lowest proportion of women and women in the world: Only 86 men for 100 women. Getting a lifetime affiliate is an issue there, especially considering the fact that many Ukrainian guys import or work abroad because of the crisis. Girls are not moving to jobs often, as women are more vulnerable in unknown environments.

If you now understand how these myths are false, you realize that no-one can possibly dare enough women to judge all nations. Ukrainian girls are generally sweet and outgoing. They have characteristic Slavic facial treatments that many guys find attractive.

When you talk about girls from Ukraine, think about Mila Kunis or Olga Kurylenko. They are kind of ladies who are typical and looking for that country.

Is there any reason to meet someone like these girls? Certainly, why not?

Use suggested tips to these Ukrainian women and you'll be able to find out what's true and what's not.

Have a fabulous time!

Source by Elena Petrova

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