Browse the web on the Apple iPhone – its advantages and disadvantages

Apple iPhone is one of the most interesting and useful features that make the network available at the best possible speed. The tape on your iPhone is almost the power of your home computer. The wireless connection allows you to connect from anywhere on the same network as a normal mobile phone. Today, iPhone generally accounts for 0.09% of total Web browsing.

You should first activate the "Safari" button on your home or home page, which is more or less the same as a compass that gives you instant access to your homepage

Then you must activate the web address field at the left of the address bar If you do not have the address field available or visible, you need to touch the highest status bar on the screen to quickly place the address bar at the top of the webpage.

Then delete or close the web address and touch the go option. you can clear the text in the address field near & # 39; X & # 39; which is near the address field. This key is the & # 39; stop button if you want to disable the web page opening.

When you start type a web address, a number of pages are in the same font. Touch to resume the application.

You can rotate your iPhone to get a better picture z The landscape orientation is usually achieved by rotating the web page at the ends. Your phone usually adjusts the length, width, height, and magnification of the web page relative to the phone's orientation.

Small image or text can be enlarged for easy readability. Double taping usually helps maximize. Reduce the size of your original size.

You can navigate to multiple web pages at once. Click the page at the bottom right corner of the web page to open all the sites. Just drag the pages to maximize them and bring them to the screen size.
When creating an Internet connection, iPhone:

– Try to connect to the last Wi-Fi network for the first time. This also depends on which is available at a particular time and location.

– If previously unavailable, it displays a list of Wi-Fi networks in the connection range. Click on the network or enter your password to log in.

– If no Wi-Fi network is available or you do not want to connect to the available network,.

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