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I was surprised when I first heard people who spend more than $ 1,000 a day for a great deal of money. It was more interesting for me to have a way of earning it. Okay, let's just try to explain how we can get thousands of unique visitors to your blog or site with social bookmarks.

Promotion takes place on large social sites such as Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, etc. The social bookmark is simple – users upload links on the site to their favorite resources and are voted by other users. The more sounds there are – the closer you get to the top quality and the more gold pocket pockets for the site owner.

But you have to wait while some of your members will find your site on the unlimited internet and continue to link to Digg – not our method, really? This process needs to be slightly accelerated. How?

"Use" Strong "words in the header and in the description

-" Detailed "

" How "," Comprehensive "

" Digg ", 19659002]" HILARIOUS " "Nintendo" "iPhone" …

some of these words are shouting to the user: "Digg, Digg!"

– Create a good account on Digg.If your nickname is a line link On Digg's main page – the likelihood that users feel that something is similar to trust and clicks on the submitted link and vote for it. Generally create an account – interesting links, comments, "digg" other users.

– There are not a hundred dollars, but there are a hundred spades I'm talking about making 100 accounts for the same group of articles over and over again No, please give me a man to the link Some sounds can give the necessary inertia to the output [19659002] – Try using this service, but not too often.


Due to an inadequate interface, Delicious is not as popular as Digg, and its turnover – less. Its primary audience – web masters, bloggers, and IT developers. However, if you reach tons of traffic if the article appears in the most important categories Delicious / Popular. Sometimes ten sounds are enough to appear.

Delicious is also a useful service.


If Delicious provides more than traffic, for Netscape – on the contrary. Netscape residents will have some interesting news. That Netscape has fewer members than Digg needs 12-15 votes for a short time – and it's already on the bottom of the main page.

A few moments on Netscape: smart and easy to calculate manipulations at the top; administrators will first be banned and explained. So if you try to pass the link with your friends at the top – this is the same way – vote on other articles, not just yours.


One of the most commonly used web pages in social ticketing. Its distinctive feature – traffic is persistent (while the turnover of other Digg projects falls within 24 hours). With the qualitative management bookmark, you can use the resource's continuous traffic.


The audience, compared to the giants of other bookmarks, is small here. People tend to focus on a policy.

Remember, there is no reason to not show up in Digg tomorrow morning.

Source by Artem Belinskiy

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