BlackBerry Wireless Phone – Do You See What I See?

Change is coming, but not new, only one old one. Suffice it to say that mobile phones are not what they were before, but then again – there were no computers. So … how many similarities can be found?

Computers are great and not very functional, except for the basics. Cell phones are so big and the only reason you ended the call was because your arms were tired. And, of course, these wonderful new tools are weird … just a phone. Both were smaller. Then, if you want something more powerful and have more features (computers and mobile phones), you have bought a new one. Both computers and mobile phones have become smaller and thinner than I ever imagined. For computers, the significant difference between the IBM ThinkPad version and mobile phone users was just Motorola Razr.

The computers went from the flat screen and became bigger and bigger every year. Hmmm … has anyone heard of the "droid"?

With computers, you can add more memory to your device's speed and functionality. Mobile phones followed the same path. The computers were then fired – do not buy new ones, just upgrade the software. Interestingly …

In the last few months I noticed that AT & T made such a big deal that phones could run simultaneously from multiple applications while the Verizon phones could not. Suddenly I get a message from Verizon. New software is available for downloading, allowing the BlackBerry wireless phone to run multiple applications at a time.

I downloaded in seconds and voila! There are several applications running on the BlackBerry Wireless Phone. Free with Mr. Mr. Gates. This distinction in itself makes it possible for me Bill to run the mobile industry secretly.

Cell phones officially followed the same successful marketing strategies launched by computer giants. Let's face it after mobile phones move to the "applications" market, who needs a new phone? Just like computers, the equipment is OK, I just want to see the novelties in the market and they are available to me. And mobile phone manufacturers are now shipping. The fact; my phone was okay, it simply did not run more applications on the network than AT & T. So it was fixed by a single software download and fixing the problem (if it really existed).

Where are we going from here? Well, if the memory works right and in the current market conditions, there are many free "applications available for our mobile phones and of course you can buy some. I think the" free "will soon be the minority and the" paid "versions will most you can buy it, and you may also expect prices to go up like Microsof.

Source by Warren Romanow

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