Blackberry Storm 2, 9550 Verizon

Blackberry Storm 2 is delivering some of the expectations of the Original Storm. It is a very powerful device with snapshots in the field of invention. The Storm 9550 has a medium web browser and underpowered camera. It's a tough decision, but I have to say that this is not a purchase on the list of smartphones, especially with the overwhelming choice of the market at the moment. I had Storm 9530 before and after 50% of the buttons fell down in the first month, I changed an unnecessary phone. It is obvious that the first generation of the model should be buggy, but for the price you can also increase the addition and go to Droid or HTC.

The storm 2 feet smoother and polished. It's heavier than HTC Imagio, and has no mobile TV channels or kickstand. The touch keys on the top are some of the single buttons on the unit. The storm 2 is mainly black and has a shortcut and rubber buttons for texture and feel for easy pushing. There is a brush on a baked aluminum tray that feels just durable and stylish.

The lower front panel buttons are now built into the screen and touch sensitive. Moving from an old storm to new storms, entering was faster and with smaller errors or mistypes. Double tap zooms, but the tendency to be touched and not natural and leaves artifacts on display that clean up once loaded new screen.

The Storm 2 is a world-class dual-sided EV-DO and Quad-band EDGE and one-band HSDPA, it will work here or abroad. Finally included in storm 2 is Wi-Fi, which was not included in the previous storm. The Storm 2 edge speakerphone is very loud and clear. As stated above web browsing is not the highlight of the storm. Also, there is a lack of storm 2, flash, double fingers pinch zoom and scrolling on web pages feel rough and bottom symbols are fine.

Messaging is very good at Storm 2. It takes up to 10 email accounts and pushes email. Text messages are now threadbar like iPhone or Droid, and color-written to him, she said, color matching for you and the recipient. As always RIM, preloads the BlackBerry messenger, which is a tool in its own right, but also places links to download Yahoo, MSN, ICQ and AIM, and even Google Talk. This can be fun for any chat needs.

GPS radio works with VZ Navigator, but extra costs $ 9.99 per month additional cost, as well as free Droid rotation by turning back with Google Maps. The storm 2 contains 2GB of tablet and 16GB of SanDisk microSD card that goes under the battery cover.

The Storm 2 camera is 3.2MP, but all you get is black without proper descriptions, very dark on most images. Storm 2 has the right 3.5 mm headphone jack to connect the headset directly. Standalone video play with amazing, but died on HD playback, but has support for 3GP and 4Gp that played well. A large live screen looked amazing and is running a small version of OS 5.0 from the previous version, on the same 528 MHz processor; You can also buy third-party applications, with over 2000 selections in the store. Images support flickr, but shutter speeds were over second for images and the video is just as dark without proper descriptions.

In short, if you're dubious on the touch screen, or suddenly updated model from its predecessor, I would go with HTC Imagio or Motorola Android.

Source by Kenny Holter

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