Blackberry or iPhone? – Explanation of a crackberry addict

Ever since Apple unveiled iPhone 3 years ago, the mobile phone industry has been taken by storm. The iPhone had extra features that outclassed all existing devices in the market. One of the leading mobile phone companies at that time shouted Research in Motion (RIM) highly secure business center for the BlackBerry phone. So confident were these users that it was previously said that when you start using BlackBerry, he just could not get back to a normal phone.

Soon after the iPhone began, a new brand of mobile enthusiasts appeared to be almost as safe as Blackberry fans. However, there were major differences between these two types of people. Blackberry users were a common user (often labeled as "pros"), but iPhone fans were more hip and part of the cool crowd that would be different than everyone else.

Fast forward a few years ago and you will see that the league continues. iPhone has amassed millions of new users, but not at the expense of BlackBerry. RIM has attempted to come up with more user-friendly devices that focus on user interface and business-related features. However, even today, it is generally acknowledged that BlackBerry users are as secure as RIM as before.

I started using blackberry 4 years ago. Initially, it was just fashion, a state of some kind that I wanted to associate with. But after a couple of weeks, I became aware of how I connected my life with BlackBerry. The times (if any) I spent without my BlackBerry seemed somehow insufficient because I felt some of my missing. Signs of withdrawal, a normal "crackberry addict" goes through when his blackberry is removed from him.

Last week, my very close friend started using the Blackberry Bold phone. And when I see him, he's always bound with his phone, his eyes touching the small screen, trying to read the latest email or Facebook pot. It reminds me of how I became similar in a similar way a few years ago. It's just amazing how people connect to their phone in the same way over and over again.

Now I'm sure iPhone fans have similar stories but I doubt you can convince someone or another. It's like trying to persuade atheists that it's a god. Personally, the only one which I think is lacking in BlackBerry, it's a very small app store. My mouthwash on all the new shiny apps I see in the iPhone App Store. Get to BlackBerry immediately. But until then we assume that we have breast sugar cells & # 39; must do with the greedy BlackBerry app world we have.

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