Blackberry mobile phones – productive and versatile

Black Berry is a leading brand of mobile phones that is also known as a smart phone that has many features. Black Berry's producer is Research IN Motion, RIM, a designer, manufacturer and market of wireless technology and other data services that are outstanding and rewarding. RIM technology is tailored by thousands of third party manufacturers and developers to enhance their products and services. The mobile handset can be purchased with the "SIM-free" option and any SIM card can be clicked into the mobile phone. Offers like this with many cheap phone deals are available in the UK. There is a mobile phone for almost any need. Sleek and elegant phones are versatile and liked mainly with customers of customers and professionals. It is a pioneer in push mail technology and it accounts for about 77 percent of its world market.

Black Berry 8100

The Black Berry 8100 is a smart phone that comes with camera, music and video capability, plus an extra memory. It also includes web browsing, instant messaging and organizer and multimedia applications. It is loaded with a full QWERTY Sure Type keyboard. It boasts a large screen with color display, EDGE technology, high speed internet access, enhanced GPRS, Bluetooth and Quad-band functionality and downloads are some of the great features. The embedded e-mail server allows the user to view e-mail attachments. 1.3 megapixel camera with video and flash, download and stream multimedia with music and video player, 64 MB of internal memory and micro SD card support are other features that make this phone both productive and versatile.

Black Berry 7100

The Black Berry 7100T is exclusive to the T-Mobile network and is the first model to deviate from the traditional PDA-style. This mobile phone is primarily aimed at consumers who want the flexibility of traditional mobile phones and also have full email facilities. The Sure Type keypad allows users to accurately and quickly type or call single hand actions or drag handmade typing using the thumb with freedom, unlike traditional cell phone keys. Other features include Bluetooth, multicellular ringtones, speakerphone and advanced call log, all packed in a sleek and sleek mobile phone.

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