BlackBerry Mobile Phone – Pearl or Curve?

I do not personally think there is any competition between these two types of mobile phones. I myself and many of my friends have chosen the BlackBerry Curve!

Actual Handset:

The end of the bark is much better in my opinion, I've released the phone several times and it now has a few scratches, but some have told me that the pearl type BlackBerry has turned off when released and takes a moment to turn on again.

I like the curriculum because it is much more attractive than the pearl, the coordinates do not look like "everywhere" & # 39; as the pearl.

But what I like about the pearl phone is that you can get many different colors!

One I'd say, and this applies to all BlackBerry … I've experienced a very poor battery life. Because of many applications available to them. If your phone goes a lot and you have many friends who text you, BlackBerry, you'll get it, etc. Then the battery power goes down quite quickly and has to be charged daily in my case.

I like how BlackBerry has the menu options instead of having to click one to get what you want to go to.

I have a personal BlackBerry Curve 8900 and love it !! I find it so simple to use and txt, etc. I think the pearl buttons are very close and personally think it's an ugly phone. The Facebook app is a favorite, as it is for most people, a simple way to talk to a partner and see what's happening to people you've not seen for a while.

The cursor tends to be a little bigger than the pearl, whether it's good or not, I'm not sure.

On all BlackBerry pages, I like the fact that they have led light to let you know if you have text or missed calls, as well as having normal vibration or tone settings.

The camera on my phone is 3.2 megapixel, there are many ways to customize pictures and applications that can be downloaded to do it.

Just writing from the comparison for a moment, one of the games that I found to be addicted to is "pixelated." This game annoys me as I feel I'm going to finish it, and one goes later over the game. Very fun and something to do while traveling or just getting bored.

BlackBerry Messenger is a very good idea for BlackBerry! Easier than using and obviously for the phone. Free and easier way to talk than Anyone with BlackBerry can get the messenger and use it much more than a call / text. You can add a photo of you and update your status as you choose. PING your friends if they do not answer or tell them to leave if you you're at work.

Overall, I give curve 4 of 5 and the pearl 2/5.

The applications and generally the BlackBerry term I give 4/5 too.

Source by Adam McKinney

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