Blackberry Bold 9000 Or iPhone 3GS – Who Wins?

So … I update and update my phone and sign up for to check out the available models. Usually due to Sony Ericsson brand, style and features. However, after the latest phone, the Sony Ericsson C902, I have decided that due to a change of brand, permanent freezing is the operating system. I am also on the market with a smart phone because of emails getting every day and being able to use and update social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. As smart phones are constantly connected to the Internet, I can access my e-mails from the moment they are moved to me.


When opening a finger with Blackberry, the handset's size was very surprised. This is a great and large, not a type of phone that can be easily brought to the jeans pocket, but I must remember that it is a smart phone and primarily for business users like me. I like the qwerty keyboard, but it's simply brilliant and so simple to use. It's great if you have all the keys in front of you, instead of the predictive text and the professional look.

The Bold 9000 display is beautiful, large and clear, and the picture is sharp. The menu item is fairly basic to most phones on the market, but it is a surprisingly complicated work, especially compared to my brother's Iphone 3GS. The application store is also weak, not many applications exist, and those who are behind it for easy years. The Bold 9000 also has a very simple 2MP camera with Iphone 3GS 3mp.

Is my general opinion?

If you do not like the fantastic applications and you love the idea of ​​the whole qwerty keyboard, then buy the Blackberry Bold 9000 because it's a great phone and far the best Blackberry is available. If you like the touch screen phone and want to feel like a kid in a sweet shop, buy the Iphone 3GS.

Winner: Iphone 3GS

I'm sending the Blackberry Bold 9000 to O2 in exchange for …. think what …….. The iPhone

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