Bilunarslys litigation: Overturning unfriendly police Report

Introduction: Police Report is against your customers. What now? For the last sixteen years by practicing accidents and crashes laws, the experience has been that the quality of traffic casualties has been steadily declining, leaving many injured people injured further by a poor or insufficient police report. The reasons are as follows: Administrative expenses, poor police training and lack of commitment to perform a complete accident investigation. Certain well-trained police officers are just not eligible to investigate a complex scary car, truck or walking injuries or deaths.

If your police report is against your customers, insurance can not make a fair settlement offer. Therefore, it can be difficult to resolve positively for a malicious customer. A lawsuit may need to be filed and the delivery of witnesses, drivers and investigation of police officers taken to repeat the outcome of the police report. If the fact can be developed, it is a law firm to show a collateral, judge or jury that the policeman has missed it.

When we address the issues involved in reversing the unfavorable police report, we will discuss the following issues:

A. What is a traffic safety report?

B. Who has managed to get a copy of a traffic jam report?

C. Is the opinion of the main report available for investigation?

D. Is a testimony within the police report allowed for a trial?

E. Verification of the main report is incorrect.

A. What is a traffic safety report?

The Traffic Safety Report or CHP 555 is a standard reporting tool for most police surveyors in California. It is intended to meet the essential requirements of all users' conflicting traffic information.

In the box on p. 2 in CHP 555 indicates the main attack. The main confrontation factor is defined by CHP as; " PRIMARY COLLECTION FACTOR . Select the one or the driver that describes the boss most, mainly or the main thing in the collision. This should be a violation of the vehicle number when possible."

The term Other related factor is defined by CHP as; " OTHER COMPONENTS FACTORS (S). When a second violation has been decided to promote collision, write a VC section in the appropriate box."

B. Who has managed to get a copy of the traffic safety report?

Drivers involved in car crashes need to report reports to California Highway Patrol or Local Police Station, Vehicle Code Section 20008. People With "Proper Interest", you can obtain a copy of the Police Report, Vehicle Code 20012.

Parties involved in the accident or others who have "right interest" may receive a copy of the police report. This involves persons involved in subsequent accidents at the same location because the reports can reveal a highway position that causes or contributes to an accident. See, California former. Department of Transp. V. Sup.Ct. (Hall), 37 C3d at 855.

C. Is the opinion of the main report attorney accessible to the trial?

There are two differences regarding recognition. First, the recognition of the report itself is. The second issue is recognition of a full opinion or resolution officer.

California Vehicle Code, Chapter 20013, states: "No such accident report shall be used as evidence in any investigation, civil or criminal from an accident. The Code of Recognition Fernandez v. Di Salvo Appliance Co. 179 Cal App 2d 240; Summer v. Burdick 191 Cal App 2d 464 at 470. Vehicle Policy Code 20013 is to be protected against the risk that the jury will make a greater resolution on the outcome of the police report simply because it is "public "There is a risk that the" public "police report can only rely on determining the ruling. Therefore, the content of a traffic accident report should not be excluded. Sherrell v. Kelso 116 Cal App 3d Supp 22 at 31.

But a police witness appears in accordance with California Evidence Code sectio Demand from 2034, which is also eligible for testimony with satisfaction In experience and training, can give an opinion on the factors that affect an accident. Heart v. Wielt 4 Cal App 3d 224. Hart was a 13-year-old veteran of the California Highway Patrol with extensive training and education in an accident investigation to give an opinion on the Right Speed ​​Given Conditions. The case was about a vehicle that ran out of control while a driver bumped on highway 32 to go to Chester. Before the Chief gave his opinion on speed, the Judge judged by the jury that it was up to them to make a final decision on the right speed and whether it was a valid testimony. President.

In the case of Kastner vs. Los Angeles Metro. Transit Auth 63 Cal 2d 52, a policeman considered qualified for his special knowledge, training and experience was allowed to give an opinion on the impact between bus and pedestrian. The opinion was based almost exclusively on a statement issued by the head of the defendant driver in the field. The local bus witnessed a trial, such as a statement by police chiefs in the field. This eliminates all the arguments that the officer's opinion was based on an unacceptable hearing story. The Supreme Court of Kastner acknowledged that the judge of the court should first determine whether the jury is an expert expert opinion or if the question is in common experience of an ordinary person, because an expert's opinion would not be necessary Kastner on p. 57.

In summary, a copy of the police report itself is unchanged. However, if the foundation is present for expert opinion from a police officer, it may to some extent be concluded to some extent. However, the first bidder must submit the subject matter sufficiently beyond common experience, the policeman has appropriate qualifications and the opinion is based on reliable evidence, see CAV 720 and 801.

D. Are you a witness within the police report that is possible To be approached in the study?

In general, police reports contain statements by plaintiff, defendant and without testimony of witnesses. Whether these statements are allowed depends on whether or not they are a hearing act. California Indicators Code Section 1200 says, "Hearsay Evidence" indicates a statement that was done other than witness while quoting the hearing and it is invited to prove the truth of the case. "

Is Available? Most Common Claims of Police Reports Performed by Plaintiff or Defendant Will Be Provided With A Founded Hearing Decision. Adaptation by Plaintiff or Defendant is the most common for deaf exceptions, Survey Code 1220-1227. Non-Attributes Statements May appear as truth if the testimony of the testimony is not in accordance with the police's statement, California Evidence Code section 791.

E. The opinion of the CWR is incorrect.

The key to revealing facts that the police officer has missed is an absolute investigation of the inspector's basis. For accidents in urban urban areas, it is common for investigators to speak only to one or two witnesses who are ready to wait on the ground and talk to The boss. When witnesses to others As a witness to volunteers, most people simply leave because they do not think they need to.

Some witnesses actually spoken to a policeman are only spoken of briefly, which outlines important information about how witnesses witnessed the accident, what they actually saw in comparison to that Which they think may have occurred. A typical policeman statement is a summary of what was told to the officer. Oral testimony is stated by the boss in his notebook. These comments are then transferred to the police report. A typical policeman's method of taking and documenting evidence is far less reliable than a loss of evidence of evidence. It is important to contact the witnesses in the police report to determine the accuracy and basis for statements made by their police officer.

How do you find the witnesses not identified in the police report? The key to finding more witnesses is as follows: post a sign in the environment on the ground; Return to the area and ask local retailers for the names they know could see the event; Search for surveillance videos that may have hit the collision itself on videos; And ensure computerized transmitters (CAD) printers or audio recordings of people calling in to report the accident through their mobile phones. The CAD data show a phone number for all those who call the 911 transmission system to report the accident. Many of these visitors are good witnesses, because names are not in the police report.

All good accident investigations are not complete without restoring a comprehensive accident. In pedestrian injury, it is advisable to remove an analysis of what the driver should have seen at any distance from the point of impact over any period of time. With known or estimated driving speed, an expert may be able to back up the driver (point of view) and determine if the driver has enough time to stop for the impact point. It is extremely rare that the investigator policeman performs a temporary / visual analysis to determine whether a suitable driver has avoided the collision or not. Completed accidents structure is expensive. Consider whether recovery is complete or not, provided that the damage has occurred in the case.

Result: Remember the following police report against the customer. Police report summarizes briefly summarized facts and collected in a short period of time. Often the report is inadequate, misleading and lack of actual basis. If you believe in the matter; Do not stand because the police report is against your client. Guide your own research and decide on the extent of the driver's neglect.

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