Beware of misleading contract mobile phone bonuses

According to the Commercial Standards, this was Somerset's misleading and dubious mobile phone contracts last year. About 150 people spent themselves. People say that mobile phone contracts were subject to unfair terms and conditions without their consent. In addition, they were deceived as the contractors concerned, who had many suspicions against them, seemed to represent another company so that customers could persuade them to connect to another network.

Some customers also complained that they only sought to sign up for information, altered their service providers without their consent. Paul Clarke, a manager of the Somerset County Council's trading code team, said: "It's important that if you decide to enter into a contract, you know exactly what you're doing … Local residents are encouraged to check the small print and consider all options before signing the dotted line. "

Anyone who wants to sign a new contract on your mobile phone or want to change the current deal must receive written information about:

– Distribution of contract fees, including the regular monthly payments
– Amount to be paid if anybody chooses to terminate the contract within the planned period
– Includes the sum of the texts contained therein, calls are made and internet access is established, terms and conditions of payment, initialization of contract control where the user has an early or non-revocation option
– Length of the contract period and details of the various offers offered by the company.

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