Best Virtual Assistant Apps solely for Android users

Have you met Siri? Well, of course you have if you are an iPhone 4S user. According to user information, Siri is an extremely unusual virtual app assistant in order to help you with your daily activities, such as waking up, organizing appointments, finding a restaurant and even answering a few random questions that interfere with you all the days.

Probably enough, Siri could be an impressive app that you can add to your phone and you're lucky if you have iPhone 4S because you could enjoy the exciting benefits of having Siri as your everyday partner. But what about Android users?

Fear no more, Android users, you're definitely not without luck! Tell Siri to go over as she's not just the perfect real partner for you. In fact, there are numerous options available for you to have your own virtual assistant on your smartphone.

Here is a list of virtual assistant programs that you can download right away on your smartphone.

• Speaktoit

This virtual assistant can help you enter text messages, but you still need to press the send button since. It can help maintain your calendar and it can also tell you weather updates in a particular location. All you have to do is to order it, and it's like how Siri works. Speaktoit can be your great tourist.

• Jeannie

Do you want a multilingual multimedia company? If so, Jeannie could be the perfect choice for you. What is interesting about Jeannie is that she has traveled the world and that is why she knows a lot of languages. Although she can only speak English, she can write text messages in other languages. This could be a nice feature if you have English and family members or friends.

Another impressive thing about her is that she is web savvy and she can check products in an online market like Amazon. In fact, Jeannie has two versions, which can be downloaded freely from the Google Play Store and the advertisement you need to buy for approximately $ 3.

• Vlingo

This is Siri's contender for the range of offers. In addition to working as a local restaurant nearby, Vlingo can also act as a social networking update like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc.

• Skyvi

This is said to be the creation of all real assistants. While other real assistants offer you basic information about your concerns, Skyvi offers you entertainment that could help your stressful day. It's programmed to tell you jokes, and it can also make some funny comments. It's a free app you can get from the Google Play Store.

So, are you thinking about making your life a lot easier? Then you should start to become a real partner who can help you with your daily experiences and hikes.

This list of virtual assistants is essential for all smartphone users who want to make their work or work easier, and better. Get along with the Google Play Store on your Android phone now and get your own virtual assistant that fits perfectly with your daily needs and concerns.

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