Best trivia applications for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

Ah, Trivia. The waste of time is as ancient as the iPhone, computers, probably even the books.

We are sure that some long winter nights, in a long forgotten language, a hunter or gatherer chewed "he painted the seven antelopes on the cave wall and died of a wound" and responded: "Who Og?" In 2010, we are no longer intelligent, no more advanced, no real sense, and we have not seen our iPhones like chimpanzees trying to start off in a cruel school experiment – and still trivially obsessed.

Since we can not stop trivial games, we can entertain Here are the top 5 Trivia Apps for the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch .

Ben Stein: Trivial Griptonite Games $ 3.99 What's the situation With Ben Stein, who just does not do well, but does exact weeping facts? This nose is monotonous? The deer glasses? Whatever it is, this game has a lot of signature snarky Stein sarcasm, Stein faux (or just?) Egotism and the ability to rid Steint of some of his hard-earned material (the forerunner of TV, "Win Ben Stein Money. ") It's worth $ 3.99, and trivia is actually somehow significant.It's just a taste of Stein, download the lite version for free.Can someone who has a better trivia app? Bueller? Bueller?

Trivial Pursuit, Electronic Arts; $ 4.99 Immediately after the Stone Age mentioned above, some appeared in the 1980s when Trivial Pursuit was born (some of the most important fractional parts). Trivial Pursuit is known as a vital history – at least in the pie of history where the original Trivial Pursuit game is now in. Playing in classic mode or in a new "search mode" can play up to 4 friends with wifi , and you can download new questions at a price. Typical of the EA formula: buying rights gives you a classic new opportunity, charging a premium price – and all it's doing this very well. Psst, Sony, note: Jeopardy has more than 3 categories per turn.

PopQ Trivia, Sina Mobasser; $ 1.99. This is the trivia from the pop world, and everyone can find everyone in the PopQ 15 category, not to mention anyone who is nobody. Listen to the parents and the bassists, you can play it – pop is all about the pop of the pop and there is a category "where is it now" that can feel at home. It's not a friendly game, but you can challenge your friends to beat the top of the global leaderboard with a few thousand strangers.

6501 Crazy Facts, Charles Jamerian; Free. The best of the genre of "only facts, my" applications, the crazy facts are not in gameplay, there is no mass market name, no glitter, no glitter. It's just facts you do not know unless you're really strange. It is growing steadily and continues to be free of advertisements and free of charge.

This is not the IMAK Creations; $ 4.99. One of these things is not like the others. Put it … fast! Play for the top dollar or speed record. Play as long as you can not – and good luck. There are two global leaderboards, no multiplayer options.

Complete Disclosure: While some have performed well, avoiding games that are created based on any of their favorite orchestras, TV shows or sacred religious texts. To see a gap, click the App Store search box.

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