Best smartphone on the market – Comparison of instrumentation and review

When it comes to the best smartphone in the market, based on the number of users and market share, Android-based smartphones and iOS platforms are one of the leading rivals. However, Android smartphones usually match iPhone and there are even Android models that offer more advanced features in other areas where the iOS platform has been leading faster setter. This growing trend is important for long-term commitment of new filing companies and independent developers, whether they go for an Android app development or ride on the iPhone band. However, everything will be monopolized by this company and Android app development will not cut a significant chunk of iPhone apps development sharing.

Growing Market Share

Even though Android phones start to gain a firm footstep on the market one year after the iPhone was released, Google's power phone actually experienced a significant increase in sales that eventually expanded the market for Smartphones. Android smartphone smartphones offer a brand new market regardless of the ever-expanding network. At least fifty percent Android users have a modern Android phone as their first experience using Smartphone and becoming part of the smartphone market. Because the majority of Android operators are young (60% are under 34 and 30% are between 35 and 49 years old), a significant change will be made to the way Smartphone will be marketed in the next few years.

Android did a great job integrating all web-based applications, including maps, docs, Google+ and Gmail among others. However, by introducing new iOS 5 on the market, Android needs to step up its operating system in order to continue its competitiveness among smartphone users and mobile devices in general. In line with the growing trend in the Android apps industry, it is likely to release Android Ice Cream Sandwich before the end of this month or early November, giving a new edge for Google powered phones in this time's ongoing war on which is the smartest phone in the market. Even with iOS 5 released on the market, Google will not sit in the sidelines and watch the iPhone take over the market of Smartphone.

With Android-based Smartphones that push forward with support for all in one operating system, it's definitely shoo-in among smartphone users who may want to move mobile phones with great features and applications Android tablet. And while iPhone can take the lead when it comes to the number of applications in the market compared with Android apps, the market is still capable of experiencing high growth in the next few years.

This is Google's attempt to standardize the operating system distribution that will also reduce the fragmentation. The new OS will definitely enhance app development for Android with its new launch app and exclusive multi-tasking panel. This is a major turnaround trend for Android because this means that it is already possible for handsets and tablets to share the same applications and interfaces. What you see with an Android handset will be almost like Android tablets that give consumers a significant choice of choosing the best Smartphone on the market for them.

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