Best openings for closing and presentation calls

If you close your sales or make sales presentations on the phone, you may be wondering if it's the most effective way to make a call. Internal sales – as you know – have many benefits, one of which is to use the sales script that is proven and effective. Obviously you want to memorize and internalize the memory so it does not sound like a robot, but once you do it, you can send a consistent sales presentation or call over and over again.

And this leads us to today's sales blog: what is the best practice for opening a sales demo or closing call? To answer this, first look at what to do:

Believe it or not, many vendors open their sales demos or close calls with this weak opening:

"Oh yeah, that's _______ _______, _________, and now is this still a good time?

Now, I know that it seems politely to look at your prospects before you start the show (which you never wanted to do), but it's not the right thing to do right now. Do not worry, once you use the opening below, if you do not have time, you will know

Before we get to the openings, let me remind you that you first feel a sense of how they are doing and want to build a little connection. one of the following (or use your favorite opening, which works well for you now):

"How's the guy going (19659002) "How do you start in the morning?"

Everything is better than old and tired: "How are you today?"

Incidentally, if you ask them to, be sure to listen and respond properly! Listen to how it sounds – rushing? Are you happy or nervous to hear from you? Open and willing?

Use this feedback to change the pacing of the presentation. Also, be sure to respond to them and react with them. If you are asked how to do it, make sure you know it and thank you for asking. And do not be as fast as you can to skip. Take a couple of minutes and join.

After doing this, use an opening that assumes it and shows you are happy to meet them today. Try these sales lines:

"_________, I'm waiting for you to talk to you today, because there are updates that you will be curious about."

OR [19659002] I'm waiting for you to talk to you today. do you hold him? "

This last show is powerful because you get your prospects straight away to find out what your questions are, how much they care about them (and know the quality of their questions), and this gives them a chance that it's much better than getting on them , and it will have features and benefits that you can throw away.

If you think these are closing or the opening of the tutorial is too low or it will not work, think over again what you are using and commit yourself to try them out

As soon as you see your sales presentations and close it, the more confident and the more successful it will be.

Source by Mike Brooks

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