Best mobile phone for less than 15 pounds a month

Whether you're new to the smartphone and simply want to upgrade to a modern phone or just not get the money to look forward to the latest technology, there are still a wide range of great phones that you can get for less than 15 pounds a month.

While you can not miss the high-quality model with 8 MP cameras and the latest Jelly Bean Android technology, there's no reason to hold back. Actual models are actually lowered through the stairs to lead to new handsets, which means that you can not find such an old phone, but it's probably imagined.

Let's just look at what smartphones you can get for a budget under £ 15.

BlackBerry Curve 9300

BlackBerry has always been a smart smartphone which feature is the same as most other phones in the range . This model has traditionally been designed for either e-mail and Microsoft Office-compatible companies, or for multimedia packages and BlackBerry Messenger. It says it does not mean that the BlackBerry Curve is suitable for anyone who only wants the appropriate smartphone that can cater for their needs, whether it's calling, texting or watching all the latest social media.

What attracts many to BlackBerry is not only its cost but also its QWERTY keyboard, which makes it incredibly easy for users to send messages and emails. Also by developing your smartphone bigger than ever before, it's nice to have a device that you can easily put in your pocket without having to buy a new bag specifically for transferring it.

You can get BlackBerry 9300 on O2 deal up to 10.50 £ per month, with 50 minutes, unlimited text message and 100 MB of data. If you are a speaker and find 50 minutes not enough to get through the month, 02 are also offering a tariff containing 200 minutes, unlimited text and a lot of 500 MB of data for only 50 p more than 15 kr. .

HTC Desire C

HTC Desire C is a great smartphone that welcomes you in the world of Android. Chocolate packed with some of the biggest features and applications that are in much more expensive types like HTC One X, Desire C offers everything you may need on a smartphone.

With 5 MP camera and version 4.0 of Android technology installed on your device, you can capture dramatic photos, as well as switch from application to application at the speed of light without having to wait for the phone to come with you.

Desire stage is also very attractive; slim line and sleek look, you do not have to compromise on style just because you are on a tight budget. HTC Desire could be yours for only £ 10.50 a month on a O2 contract, including 50 minutes, unlimited text and 100 MB of data. If you need more minutes in a mobile phone contract, what about 100 minutes, unlimited text and 100 MB of data in the Vodafone contract for 13 pounds a month. Better than, like the BlackBerry Curve above, for 50 p extra per month, you could get HTC Desire C with 200 minutes, unlimited text and 500 MB of data that would really keep you emails, Facebook-ing and Tweeting until the cows come home every month!

Nokia Lumia 610

Just because you have a budget does not mean you can not get a part of the Windows Phone feature! Certainly, it's not loaded with the latest Windows Phone 8 OS, but its slightly older version, 7.5, is barely pre-existing. What's great about Lumia is that it's clear now. Windows Phone OS is very quirky and fun and members of live tiles that update in real time. So if you want to check if it's raining outside, do not look out of the window, just take your Lumia 610.

The Lumia 610 is perfect for all your smartphones; Whether you want to add comments to a Microsoft Word document, or write a quick email to your friends, or even fly to the nearest mall, Nokia Lumia can do everything.

Like many budget deals, Nokia Lumia is available on a O2 contract from £ 10.50 a month, offering 50 minutes, unlimited text and 100 MB of data. For an additional $ 2.50 a month, you can double the minutes to 100, with unlimited text and 100 MB of data.

Sony Xperia U

Sony Xperia U is part of the Xperia stage featuring the famous James Bond phone. This budget model, though not skimp on its quality features; It has a clear plastic strip along the bottom edge of the handset, which reflects the call or text and can even imitate the color that is most pronounced on a particular image, changing the color to reflect it.

In addition, the 3.5-inch screen gives the very sharp screen, powered by the same Brava technology that you could see on the TV. Other features of the Sony Xperia U include the 5 MP camera, which, however, seems to be less than Xperia's over 13 MP, still produces some sharp images.

Xperia U is especially great for users for the first time as a smartphone or people who do not agree that the bigger is better when it comes to our phones. This handset easily slips into the pocket at the same time, featuring the same Android technology as many more expensive phones in the market.

Get your own model from £ 10.50 a month with 50 minutes, unlimited text and 250 MB of data each month on a T Mobile contract. Again, if you're able to squeeze your budget as a little bit more, Xperia U can be found with 200 minutes, unlimited text and massive 500 Mb of data on o2 contract for just 15.50 pounds.

Source by David A Khan

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