Best iPhone 5 Extended Battery

Apple iPhone 5 is one of the best smartphones in the market today and there are very negative things you can find on this device in terms of both hardware and software. Despite being one of the iPhone 5 best Apple has one weakness, ie. typical of the problems we have with all other smartphones available on the market today. Just like its competitors, the iPhone 5 has a limited battery life that expires for several hours.

To increase the battery life of iPhone 5 and make it usable for 6-8 additional hours, many solutions are available but most affordable are all batteries. market for iphone 5 and in this post we will figure out the best thing you can get now.

Here's a basic comparison and a difference between some of the best iPhone 5 extended battery caps available on the market.

Maxboost Fusion Detachable External Case for iPhone 5

First on our list of the best iPhone 5 expandable battery case is the Maxboost Fusion Detachable External iPhone 5 Case. This case of Maxboost features a 2000mAh battery that almost doubles the total battery life of iPhone 5. It's a lightweight and relatively thin case that can hold on to the device at all times. Apart from increased battery components, it also adds a durability to the device, preventing it from scratching and making it possible to survive a fatal outcome. Overall, this case is a great option as it is economical and easy to use thanks to its release. You can buy this case for $ 70.

Lenmar Meridian for iPhone 5

Lenmar Meridian battery case for iPhone 5 has a beautiful look that's good when it's in hand. It is in use on a 2300mAh battery which, despite its thin profile, reduces almost the battery life of the device. It also has an LED indicator, microUSB connector and an explanation for the headset. One thing that is particularly annoying about the Lenmar Meridian is that it does not come with a headset adapter and is only an explanation that is not suitable for all headsets – especially those with L-shaped connectors. You can buy this case for your iPhone 5 for $ 80.

Rokit Boost Excess 2000

Rokit Boost Over 2000 cases make it the purpose of extending the battery life significantly . Thanks to a lightweight user, it can be stored on the device all the time and used as a protective case along with its main function. This Rokit case contains a 2000mAh battery that can last for up to 300 hours. Rokit Boost Over 2000 cases, the lack of LED battery indicator, which is one of the main drawbacks of this product, but if you do not mind it is having to have. It's available for $ 45.

iCanonic Elite Rechargeable Extended

Lastly, in our list of best iPhone 5 battery cases, the iCanonic Elite rechargeable case. This case has a slim design that does not mean your device is bulky like many other cases for batteries available for iPhone 5. It has a 2000mAh battery that promises double the total time of use. As far as looking go iCanonic Elite rechargeable Extended case for iPhone 5 is aesthetically pleasing. It has 3 parts removable design that makes it easy for users to add or remove it on the smartphone. Also, the ability for users to remove the bottom cap greatly increases the ease of attaching headsets that have unsupported designs. This case for iPhone 5 is available on the market for about $ 50.

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