Best ideas for iPhone development on Windows

Whether you are a web designer or a C ++ developer, you can easily create, test, debug and spread your own iPhone applications from a Windows PC environment. Indeed, using the Windows environment, you can create even better iPhone applications that could send to the Apple app store much faster and much easier. You just need to choose some good ideas for developing iPhone applications on a Windows platform. The following article contains some of the best IDEs for iPhone development on Windows. Just looking.

AirPlay SDK / Marmalade SDK

Marmalade SDK (formerly known as Airplay SDK) is one of the best iOS SDKs available on Windows. This amazing SDK allows developers to create games and develop various applications through a computer running Windows platform. This tool serves as a great solution for both 2D and 3D games and applications for the various offers provided to indie developers.

Flash CS 5.5

This is the ultimate iPhone development solution with Flash iPhone Packager. Packer for iOS allows developers to compile programs on the Windows operating system. It allows developers to compile Flex-compiler and package the iPhone applications.

Unity 3D

It is a game developer and editor using Boo and C #, and editor works both in Windows. It's an IDE for 3D Graphical Object author with convincing capabilities regarding content creation. It comes with some built-in events and iPhone support features that help to make great iPhone applications.


Like Unity 3D, this is an IDE for 3D authors. It serves as a complete game development environment as it makes custom scripting environment for the things. This game engine allows developers to create games and applications on Windows, but they must try or collect the application on the Mac.

Dragonfire SDK

Dragonfire SDK allows developers to create applications with Windows operating systems. Most features within SDK are handled in game development, but there are also numerous new features that enable other types of applications to be developed.

Appcelerator Titanium

It's an open and expansive development to create great native applications for various mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry, etc. It features an open SDK with more than 5,000 applications for device and mobile operating system, powerful Eclipse-based IDE (Studio), MVC frame (alloy), and ready-to-use skyscraper for mobile phones. This SDK also has a very popular and vibrant community.

All these tools are the ideal option to develop iPhone applications or games in a Windows environment. Many other similar tools are also available on the market. So, if you listen to developing the iPhone app on the windows system, just get the tool for you and start developing your iPhone application.

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