Best Free Alternatives To Stock iPhone Apps

Everyone always looks for the advantages of stocked apps provided by the iPhone. The reasons may vary: design, comfort, functional limit. But the conclusion is the same – we are looking for something better. The new iOS 7 has given us a better weather app – but never decided that many of us are completely satisfied with the app's explanations. Here we tried to collect stock value programs to replace – and the best candidates to switch from our point of view. It will not be surprising if you already use most of them – it just shows that the choice is very good.

Phone + Message + FaceTime: Skype or Viber

No need to describe Skype in detail – everyone is familiar with a practical set. Instant messaging, voice messaging, voice and video calls – all of these are available on the desktop and cellular networks. There is one worthy candidate we could not miss – Viber, who uses your phone number as your ID number. Free calls around the world with WiFi and 3G, photo / video / text messages, synchronization with the contacts list – free and convenient. Both are great replacement for standard phone and messaging technology. And for FaceTime too.

Diary: Sunrise

Sunrise is now one of the best calendars in the market. It's free and it's constantly improving. Have a look at its main features: Google Calendar compatibility, Alerts + Alerts, Facebook integration (Events and Anniversaries), Google Maps for instructions, Synchronization and Weather forecast as a good spice. As we can see, Sunrise can occupy even more than one app category. It's the program you view every day and the design and experience of the users is really worthwhile.

Mail: Gmail or Mailbox

Mail is another item that is used every day. We have a lot of chat programs, social networks, but email is still there and has a constant foothold. Quick navigation, simplicity design, leading gestures to accomplish some features, real-time alerts – what we appreciate in such applications. On the other hand, who does not have a Google Account? If we combine this, we'll either reveal the Gmail client or mailbox, which is as good but works only with Gmail. Mailbox has a good bonus point when enabled – extra 1GB free Dropbox storage. Even better, it will be when support goes beyond Gmail as promised.

Safari: Chrome or Dolphin

Those who for one reason or another dislike using Safari have great chrome and dolphin capabilities. Both of these have proved useful and popular on mobile phones. Indeed, it's hard to say what's the best in the wars of browsers – everyone chooses. Chrome is the most popular browser available for desktops and mobile phones. Dolphin is a mobile browser that carries out its task no worse.

Camera: Snapseed

There are many really good applications that include shooting, image editing and sharing, because it's very hard to do. But here it is – Snapseed. Before sending a new Instagram shot (which is a nice camera option), you can make some changes to Snapseed. All the comprehensive tools you need are for your services: display, contrast, saturation, crop, correct and rotate, add filters and frames – it takes too long to list everything, it's better just to test it.

Photos: Cooliris

If you want a great deputy for the default Photos app, you could go to Cooliris. It's simply the best video viewer that looks very beautiful on the iPad. You can swipe through your photos gallery on your iDevice. You can take a moment to see your own and find your friends and # 39; pictures on social networks. It's impossible to love this program. Image sharing on social networks and cloud storage included.

Maps: Google Maps

Google Maps took the top of the App Store after it was removed as a default iOS card reader and replaced by an Apple Card. It's not necessary to talk a lot about the program that has recently been renamed most commonly downloaded in the United States.

Notes and Voice Sheets: Springpad or Evernote

Springpad and Evernote are usually promised as perfect service for comments. It's hard to ask. We really have more than just a comment app here: powerful client apps, beautifully redesigned for "iOS 7, desktop clients, image attachments, voice memos and alerts, making lists, bookmarks, videos, cloud sync and tags, basically all you might need is there.

Reminders: Any.DO

When talking about beautiful apps with lower design, we described Any.DO as elegant and easy-to-use to make applications. is not a lot of tools to process tasks, sublots and lumps. It does not substitute for the full functionality of Springpad or Evernote. But it's not hard to be – Any.Do is great in your own right. It's perfect solution for average users who have simple tasks that can be managed quickly and easily. Create a task, set the time for a reminder, if you want, over it with fine

Securities: Bloomberg

Bloomberg Anywhere, to be precise. Indeed, it's a convenient program to track market information and news about various financial and business topics across 35 categories (including technology, politics, healthcare, emerging markets, etc.). Add Bloomberg Television Live and interviews from Bloomberg Radio. You can also share the most interesting stories through Twitter and Facebook.

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