Best Budget Tables Under $ 120 With 4 Star Reviews

So it's May and you're looking for the best budget tables you'll find online. Well you're lucky, below are 2 tablets worth $ 120 and below! I'm an Android Fan so for everything you're a fan of Apple Fan, but I have not found iPads for under $ 120 unless they're used and scratched.

Now the main thing about Android tablets you really need to take care is not all tables with the Google Play Store, the manufacturer must be Google certified for that model to use the Google Play Store. You can find lots of tablets under $ 100 but be careful because they will not mention that it can not handle all the apps you use to use and that you must get it from the app store. Sure, it's nice to get a table for under 100 which is Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich but if it's collapsing all the time when you're in the middle of playing Ninja Fruit or Angry Birds is it really worth it? I'm not sure about anyone else but when I buy a tablet either it's Android or iPad that I expect to get programs that do not work crash all the time.

When it comes to the best table for the money, I start with AGPTEK, why AGPTEK? Well first of all, I have 3 of them for my kids so I already know that they work, AGPTEK also comes with GOOGLE PLAY STORE. It has simple and fashionable design for high quality life, 5-point capacitive touchscreen for easy operation, 7-inch TFT display for beautiful images, built-in GPU (2D / 3D graphics processor), fully support 3D game. It has also been estimated between 3-4 STARS by established Amazon customers who have purchased this table, I always read customer feedback before I purchased a product online. Of course you will see some negative but you will also see negative products on high products too. Price target? $ 95

The next best card I would recommend is a little bit more expensive, but you get a double memory (1 Gig) that always helps to perform the chart. The COBY MID7065-8, Now that you try to watch different Coby models, make sure you look at all features because some of them do not come with GOOGLE PLAY STORE, but the model I will talk about does. Remember that tables must be Goolge Certified to put the Play Store on the product. This model features: Android 4.0 Ice Cream sandwich, 7.0 inch display, High speed 1.2 GHz dual-alloy processor, 8 GB Flash Memory, 1 GB RAM Memory. Pre-installed apps: Google Play Store, YouTube, Gmail, Chrome, Google Maps, Google Search, Cloud Link, OfficeSuite, AccuWeather, eMusic, Gtalk, Google+, Kindle Reader, and more. This table is pretty good for the money you put for it and it has much more I did not mention. The table has also been rated between 4-5 STARS from the Amazon community.

What is the best chart on the market today? That's all the new article for that question.

Source by Richard Talon

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