Best brands for iPhone Bluetooth headsets

You are a fan of Apple gadgets and you love only on your iPhone. Wonderful, that will never let you fascinate yourself. You are a great user of the iPhone and ultimately feel that you need a Bluetooth headset.

Unfortunately, the Apple Bluetooth Headset is not the best compliment for iPhone: There is no volume control, no last number redial, or mute a call. There is no noise reduction, the headset is too large, the battery can not charge and can not fully utilize the iPhone.

The number of Bluetooth headsets continues to grow rapidly so your iPhone is not that simple. Are there so many manufacturers on the market that will be the best brand for the iPhone's companion?

Two of the brands are head of the Bluetooth headset market: Plantronics and Aliph.


In 1960, the speed and complexity of aircraft made it necessary to introduce small, lightweight headphones into the cockpit. Courtney Graham, the United Airline pilot, co-operated with her boyfriend, Keith Larkin, to create a small, functional design that was strong enough to pass through standard airlines. On May 18, 1961, Graham and Larkin named Pacific Plantronics (Plantronics Inc.)

Plantronics introduced the first lightweight communication headset in the commercial market in 1962.

In 1961, Plantronics created a group that is to be used in Mercury spacecraft. In 1969, Neil Armstrong conveyed one of the most demanding sentences in history through Plantronics headphones.

In 2003, Plantronics introduced the CS50 Wireless Headset for use with office telephones. Since then, wireless headphones have been widely used.

Aliph Aliph is a company founded by Alexander Asseily and Hosain Rahman. Aliph is the developer of Jawbone Bluetooth headset, which has revolutionized the wireless industry with anti-noise technology and innovative design.

Jawbone uses "NoiseAssassin" adaptive signal processing technology developed by Aliph for the DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), processing incoming and outgoing voices to reduce background noise in the military environment.

In 2007, the headset won the CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award international award.

Other Brands

Behind the drivers many other brands are struggling for the third place. Here are some reputable brands that create low-quality products and new brands that offer acceptable products.

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