Best applications for IPhone 4

So the iPhone 4 has been turned off for a few weeks and one of the most important features of the "Retina Display". Basically, a super-wide screen that is great for videos, games, YouTube, etc. For.

The first wave of developers began to release apps that really show how much better this screen than the iPhone 3GS and older models.

Thanks to the increased portability, slicker design and multi-task functionality of the iPhone 4, the retina screen is a real "wow" factor when it introduces friends and collections. So you have to load some sweet apps to slide them on a crystal clear screen: 1. Paper Toss

It's so simple, it's addictive. This game has been working for years, and a few days ago, with the complete refurbishment of BackFlip studios, "sexisize" the iPhone 4. The results should be considered as believed and I do not think the screen capture is really fair. This has become one of the best apps on iPhone.

2. Arounder

Looking for potential holiday destinations? Could you be drunk in Milan and not look at the sightseeing? Well, Arounder is a cool application that allows 360 degree tours of hundreds of destinations all over the world. From the abandoned beach from Tahiti to the Sydney Opera House this app offers beautiful landmarks and landscapes in crystal clear resolution on the iPhone 4.

3. Golf

Golf is one of the most popular downloaded sports applications and has never looked so clear about the cartoon glory as on the iPhone 4. Although developers did not issue an official update, they still look fantastic on the iPhone 4 retina display .

4. Sim City

Sim City's memories on SNES or Sim City 3000 will be available on the full version of Sim City on the iPhone. It's very playable and perfectly reduces the graphics given by the decent boost of the iPhone 4, one of the first applications your friends will see in action when it introduces the new phone.

5. iMovie

Mac users familiar with iMovie are excited at all times because Apple's flagship is specifically designed for the iPhone OS4 operating system and largely retains functionality in the new portable format. The iPhone 4 can capture up to 720p resolution so you can do a little bit by editing iMovie to make great movies.

We expect many applications to undergo visual refurbishment, and in the first few weeks there are some impressive-looking applications. We expect developers to be more comfortable with the OS4 operating system, the best iPhone 4 applications are still coming. But just download the above apps and get your visual beauty. (And make some friends jealous along the way).

Source by Leif Cameo

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