Best application of iPad

Of all iPad applications, I have my own choice of top five of my best apps iPad. Ipad app store out so many apps for ipad-most of them are great!

People come and go to the iPad app Store just to take advantage of iPad's hottest apps. These programs make your iPad experience more promising and extravagant.

I know that all iPad fanatics had their own picks of their best iPad applications. Here, let me share myself. My most preferred program is iBooks, where you can read stories and articles on the screen with high resolution. Reading can be easier and more fun using the multi-touch screen with your fingers. I love this program because the reading is my passion. When I have free time, I'd rather read books but do nothing else. With the iPad you can read comfortably because you just have to keep one item without turning through the pages. Purchased books are shown on the actual booklet of iPad and you can download free iBooks in the apple app store.

Adobe Ideas 1.0 is my second choice. This program is your digital sketch game, which gives you the opportunity to capture and explore ideas wherever you are. The reason I like this application for many uses. When you are interested in designing photos, videos and other multimedia tests, this program is right for you. This is a professional design of applications, which includes Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. That's why you can edit your photos, which make the photos great.

My third choice is an iPad tape. In this application, you can get your message with your iPad. You can create messages on a large screen, just like having a labeled tape or electronic games. This program is perfect for stores, stores, bars and other businesses to get the attention of customers.

The digital cookbook, Epicurious, is my next choice because it has recipes that came from different countries of the world. With this great recipe, you can choose your recipe by just clicking on a finger. Just check out this app when you are going to prepare special dishes for your love. Make an Epicurious guide to your health and balance menu.

Finally, you can build your own Sims City on iPad. With a large display on iPad, you can easily build and control your city with peace and order. Be puzzled as you can see high definition graphics sims city. This fun application completes the best five best apps on iPad.

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