Best Android Apps for your car

So, you have a new Android device. Congratulations! Android is truly the best cellular phone out there, and the devices that are making are just great. However, a myth that smartphone in a car will just distract the driver. Well, this is partly true. When using the smartphone in a car, the driver should be very careful. At the same time, with the right application settings, you can turn your Android device for good help. Android smartphones are not only for running. There are a variety of applications that can make drivers life much easier and even save lives. So, here is a list of programs that I think all drivers should have on their smartphone.


This application is a real power for drivers who want to reduce fuel costs. GasBuddy will point to gas stations that offer the lowest fuel prices. By searching for a destination or current location, the application will map the next stations where you can fill up. Using GasBuddy is especially useful when driving a long distance, where you will always know where to fill your car for less.

Maps, Navigation, and Car Settings

These applications come with all Android devices (version 2.0 or higher) and can facilitate your driving experience. Card cards are useless unless you have more hands to keep them. With Android Maps, you can drive in the right direction without stopping the time or asking someone to check the route on the map.

Navigation is useful while driving within the data area. The car will be comfortable when your hands are busy. It will pull off voice commands and make guided tours safer. At the same time it will point to the nearest hotel, restaurants, ATMs, gas stations and other spots.

Gas Calculation Calculator

As the name suggests, this app will help identify the gas mileage of the vehicle. All you need to do to determine your mpg is to enter the cost of each state. The main drawback of Android gasploader calculator is that it does not save results. In other words, it eliminates the possibility of further analysis.


If you are an aggressive driver and are fond of speed, consider downloading Trapster. This app knows locations around 5.5 million speed traps globally. Thus avoiding speeding tickets with this app is easier. Another real trapster feature is built-in local speed limit notifications.


This Android application was developed for vehicle drivers. The main drawback of electric vehicles is a limited range. This can be a big problem if you do not know where the next charging station is. PlugShare will help you find the next charger. However, this app will provide information about charging stations in North America.

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