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Aerial photography has evolved rapidly over the last 3 years. If you've followed this trend and bought a camera drone, you're going to have a lot of fun. But after spending a moment with the drone you will realize that they do not look like the AMAZING images you've seen on Instagram. Do not be surprised that many of these images were probably shot with a few accessories. All photographers rely on accessories to make life easier and take photography and their animations one step further. Make sure you can do it too. Below are the latest enhancements for drone that I have had the opportunity to use and test. These accessories can help you increase your drone experience, improve quality images, flight games and security.

1) Additional Screws and Screws: Runners (also known as fans or blades) are the most vulnerable parts of drone. You should always have extra screws with you when you are going out to fly your drone. If you collapse, your drone screws are the first pieces that will break apart. I've had enough drone experience, and I've had over 20 different drones. But even I ran initially when I first got my DJI Phantom 2. The engine gun is still another story. They are not necessary, but they are good if you fly indoors or hover in limited places. In the past six months, I have only used cartridges once or twice, but most of the people use them daily. If you often crash your drone and break the screws a lot, you should definitely get clues.

2) Enhanced Battery: Drone technology has come a long way in recent years. The latest DJI Phantom 4 Pro offers 30 minutes of flight time according to their website. For the majority of other non-commercial companies, this will never be enough. Based on the time flown and landing, you must have 20 minutes to record footage. So be sure to purchase an additional battery pack or even more to get reliable backup whenever you need. If you have Phantom 4 Pro, you might want to upgrade to a floppy charger instead of the package. The P4 Pro battery must be charged in 40 minutes instead of 65 minutes on the standard charger.

3) Additional battery light: Additional battery makes much more flight time possible, but still requires charging. When you have 2 or more batteries and each battery requires sixty minutes to charge, the waiting period can quickly increase for hours with idle spare batteries. So it's best to buy an additional charger or better yet, you may want to get the multi-charger that lets you charge your batteries at the same time.

4) Charger Charger: When you are different from traveling, as well as the only power source you have, your car battery may be, so it's important to charge a battery charger for your drone. So if you have 1, 2 or maybe 3 electric batteries, even when you're out for a trip, you probably like to use all of your juice at some point, so what you definitely need is the ability to charge your batteries when you're not anywhere near the power station.

5) Table or iPad: Manage drone while handling it along with the netvideo stream from the smartphone, it's uncomfortable to say at least. The screen is too small to get a special look at what's up there. So you better buy a trusted tablet computer that has a large enough screen to provide a reliable video stream. Apple iPad Samsung Galaxy tablet or other matching charts with sufficient processor speed are usually great options based on your budget.

6) ND Filter: To control the amount of light that goes into your camera lens and control quakes, as well as increase motion blur, you can get ND filter ND filters are likely to be that they would do The video on Phantom series drones look more movies and they are great because they do not increase the weight of your drone gimbal. The new gimbal on the P4 Pro is extremely light and sensitive, I would also wait to contain the weight on the front of the camera.

7) GPS Tracking Equipment: When you travel to the boy in remote areas such as mountains or at sea, finding your drone will be very difficult if you ever collapse. A drone GPS tracker attached to the feet your drone might be doing well when you go on a mission to save your drone. By using the GPS tracking application on your smartphone, you can find your drone on smartphone cards with accuracy up to 2 meters.

8) Storage Area: Additional electric batteries will not be useful when you do not have enough space to store the images you register. The default 16 gigabyte micro SD card included with the DJI Phantom 4 Pro can only store about 50 minutes of footage. Consider purchasing a 64 GB micro SD card if you do not want to transfer the videos to your computer after each 2 flights.

9) Backpack or Travel: If you intend to take your drone alongside your travel plans, camping, bicycling or a roadmap will tell you that the default package provided by drones will not last very long and not comfortable to carry say, at least say. For a safer and safe solution, get a special drone backpack or suitcase; You will find plenty of available options. In my opinion, the backpacks are the most practical and stable backpacks for value.

Cameras and camcorders have always been addicted to accessories and so do drones. You should consider spending accessories if you are trying to shoot amazing drone videos.

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