Benefits of C # HashSet

Finally we added a Set data structure to .NET Framework 3.5. This is a powerful data structure that makes life easier for programmers …

The C # set is HashSet. This is modeled after a math set, which means that the elements must be unique. In other words, a Set guarantees that there are no duplicate elements.

Why create a Set data structure in C # when we can simply check a list before adding an item to see if it exists? The answer is that it is because it is slow to search the list that is in the list. HashSet is basically designed to allow quick searches to make deposits faster.

Sets have different implementations. Some embed and search operations are performed super-fast by splitting elements. However, this means that the sequence of adding elements is lost. Other implementations retain the added order at the expense of slower running times.

The C # HashSet class applies to the second approach, thus preserving the order of elements. It's still much faster than a regular list. Some of the key benchmarks have shown that HashSet is much faster than primary types (int, double, bool, etc.). It is much faster when working class objects. So the point is that HashSet is fast.

The only catch of HashSet is that there is no access index. To access items or use a listener or use the built-in function, you can convert HashSet to a list and iterate it.

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