Be careful with the handset's beam!

Handheld phone is really a very useful tool for communicating easily. Do you know, however, that the radiation of the device is very harmful to our health? It can potentially cause any problems in children's brain, women's womb, and many other problems. Do you know that radiation is capable of producing milk and popcorn, as well as microwave cooking? If the effect is great, what will happen to your organization if you use too much?

You must be very careful in this device to reduce the effect of radiation. If you keep the device in the wrong place or in places, it may cause fatal problems to your health. Keep the kidney, heart and reproductive organs as far as possible, as it has a very destructive effect.

This is a brief example. There was a woman who had always been advanced during the 2-3 months of pregnancy due to the fall of the fetus. When he examined this problem, the doctor said he had infected his womb with manual radiation. This has resulted in a fetus unable to grow and die. She had experienced this problem because she had always held her hand in her jacket pocket in her womb for years.

Also, do not place this device around you during sleep. Some research shows that people who frequently use their handheld phone are at greater risk of developing certain types of brain tumors. It is better to place other electronic devices such as radios, televisions and laptops as much as possible from the bed.

Radiation of these devices is very harmful to any problem with the hormone production system, which works well during sleep. The effect takes place within a long time. So if you have the habit of placing your phone near your pillow, it's better to change it instantly.

Radiation of the device, also known as cell phone, is also harmful to children, especially for their brains. Children's brain is weak enough to withstand the effects of radiation for a long time. Do not use this appliance near the baby because their brains are too sensitive and do not withstand radiation.

If you are a pregnant woman, it is better to reduce the frequency of using your mobile phone. Using this tool may increase the risk that the baby will grow with some behavioral problems such as hyperactive and bad socialization.

To reduce the effects of radiation, you can try the following tips:
1. Do not let children use this device too often.
2. Limit Your Use
3. Use a headset or loudspeaker system when making or receiving a call to reduce radiation.
4. Avoid using Bluetooth too often.
5. Decrease Wi-Fi and try to avoid the wave.

The high-tech tool's effectiveness can be very useful to us. However, we really need to be aware of whether it has a bad impact on our health or not. Because our health is completely valuable and expensive, it is better for us to prevent and wit our own health.

Source by Jonas T Doyle

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