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Buying online content can be quite addictive – when you start, you can not stop – as it can be done anywhere, anytime.

For the dawn of huge marketplaces and eCommerce websites, everyone had to shop in a list of projects, but now you can just pluck the couch, swipe the screen on the device and click a button to make a purchase.

Although, despite its comfort, most consumers would still run in brick-and-mortar stores to buy a big ticket, according to a new investigation.

Almost half of consumers, spoken by the digital marketing company PushOn, said they prefer to buy expensive products like a new kitchen or bathroom in a store.

The reason is that they can see and review the products before they decide to buy it.

The report states that 47% of 1,000 consumers actually research online, and when they have their heart on a product, they go to buy it in physical commerce. However, 70% say they have bought expensive items online but only after seeing it in the store.

It shows only that, in spite of the ease and convenience of online shopping, most people still want to see and find a product, especially expensive like a car, to make sure they do not throw away money away.

However, they are not close-minded; 45% of consumers said they were willing to make expensive online purchases if websites offer technology that enables them to experience products so that they can make informed decisions.

Is the future of eCommerce?

PushOn received various views of survey survey on what tools eCommerce sites need to consider convincing them to buy expensive items online.

40% said they would love to use Augmented Reality (AR) to test a product before it was purchased. Because this technology unites digital images in the real world, online users can see and experience a product by putting a picture of it in the light of their reality.

On the other hand, 41% of respondents respond to stricter online security, enabling them to be safe when buying an expensive item, because they are confident to spend more.

Here are other items on their wish list:

  • 52% think retailers should invest in technology that makes a better omnichannel experience – so the shopping trip is seamless in store and online.
  • 32% want to use online services so they get instant answers to their questions.
  • 17% require retailers to use AI and digital instant messaging that provide purchase-based purchase instructions and can answer questions about products.
  • 17% want to see one click online shopping for easy checking.
  • 16% want to use mobile phone payments more to buy online faster.

In addition to great products and prompt delivery, craftsmen encourage an online company to choose the best technology that will help customers visualize their products.

As Sam Rutley, Managing Director of PushOn, puts it:

"By utilizing technologies such as digital chat that may appear as online customer support or AR programs to help see products, retailers can create a more seamless experience as customers can access the same services and information as they would if they were shopping in a store. This will help increase customer confidence by increasing the security and security offered by this technology. on, which means they like spending more online. "

What kind of technology have you recently approved in your online business?

Source by Dave Furness

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