Battle of the Droids!

With Motorola's latest release, Droid X is starting to realize that yes Droid really does. With an amazing 4.3-inch display that is 35% larger than the iPhone 4, Droid X might just be a "iPhone Killer" that everyone is talking about. Take a look at some features:

-720p High Resolution Resolution
-4.3 Inch Screen Size
-HDMI Production
-8mp Camera
-HD Video Recording
– Ability to Use as a WiFi hotspot
-1ghz processor

Honestly all we can hope for with Motorola's latest gadget is a few more application options, which is really the only reason I'd like iPhone more than Droid. Another issue that has turned off many is that because of the very large screen size, this phone is a bit bulky. What was once a snickerbar snuggle back on Nokia days is now the biggest Hersheys bar. Nevertheless, Droid X gets the choice of Googboog editors out of the three most popular Droid phones that are available.

Next Droid in the drama is always popular HTC Incredible. There was an intense decision between the new X Motorola and this gem, but HDMI output and 4.3-inch screens bowed the way towards X on this. HTC Incredible is a perfect name to describe your phone. If you want a phone that is not as bulky as X but has as much interaction, this is the way to go. The HTC Incredible 3.7 Inch Touch Screen is stunning and vibrant, allowing you to view some features that the phone offers:

-3.7 inch Touchscreen
Technology Joystick (This is great when you do not like to use the touchscreen or you're just a bit of a mouse pointer: P)
-LIGHTNING fast 1ghz processor
-Only 4.6 ounces of magnitude
-720p screen resolution

Today and # 39; s world with this HDMI connection and larger screen would really make this phone a regular competitor with Droid X.

Finally, last but not least to get the Bronze Prize is the original Droid from Motorola. This is still great phone with a lot to offer. There are just newer and better phones out there now, but it's not surprising to see this phone dive in price in the coming months because of the latest craze of Incredible and Droid X. Let's review some features:

-5mp camera
-3.7 inch screen
-5.96 odd
– "The World's Worst QWERTY Window"

Despite the original Droid from Motorola came third it's still a terrific phone and very popular in it. So the rankings are as follows:

1.Droid X
2.HTC Incredible

So come and get yourself!

Source by Justin Goldby

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