Battery Tips for IOS7

"Curse you iOS7!" as my murmuring hands are looking for a lead to revive my iPhone5. This entry may be a bit small. I was deliberately waiting. I was hoping for a new upgrade, tip, SOMETHING would solve the battery's short lifetime. I've been adopting since Steve Jobs died (RIP was brilliant), Apple went to hell in a handbag (what my mom said). However, I can not remain silent anymore. I've tried every "mountain" there just to get jammed, usually out of nowhere (anywhere without blasting), no battery, no phone, no life line. This infamous position will go beyond the obvious battery saving features if you have not tried them yet. I did not find these answers at all. But we all have to start somewhere, so here it goes.

first Less Battery Intense Things

Really? Yes, this is one of the suggestions suggested by technical writers everywhere. Why is iPhone still? But if you limit the talk time on the phone (not cool), movies, games and web browsing, it helps. You can also limit battery high performance applications (more from worse applications for battery life this week)

2. Turn off Equalizer

If you do not detect it, the music app has an equalizer for bass, high tones, and so on. Set it up. Turning this off will have a musical experience, but it can save battery life. When I first read this, I thought "in no way"! Then I checked the settings. I did not know it, so go!

Go to Settings -> Music -> EQ -> Tap

3. Turn off the Bluetooth function

We love bluetooth, especially while driving, but it's a battery drawer. Turn off the Bluetooth function, unless it is used, this will help extend the battery life.

Find Settings -> Bluetooth – Slide the slider off

4. Turning off 4G / LTE

How happy were we when we heard that LTE came in? Needless to say, all good deeds will not remain unpunished. Not surprisingly, using the 4G LTE requires more battery life. I know this is difficult, but if you use 3G (you know, we can not wait to go), this will help the battery life. Even lowering from LTE to 4G will help. Of course, you will need the battery as it takes twice as much.

Find Settings -> General -> Mobile -> Slide iPhone 5 or later. Wi-Fi is turned on

Wi-Fi is another type of high-speed network that iPhone can connect to. This is faster than 3G, but only limited to where there is a hotspot. Like bluetooth, the hopes of finding Wi-Fi hotspots make the battery empty. Use it only when used. Do not forget, or your adaptation is upset.

Find Settings -> WiFi -> Slide Off

6. Deactivating Location Services

iOS7 is a very nice feature of a built-in GPS. Of course, lowering the battery. Switching off may be a hassle if you need it quickly, but you can save battery life.

Find Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services -> Slide Off

7. Prevent automatic updating of apps.

iOS7 automatically updates your apps for you. This is a great feature that reduces battery life. Yep, do it by hand.

Settings -> iTunes and App Store -> Updates -> Swing Off / White

8. Data Shutdown

Sorry, no more convenience when you can find everything when you pick up your phone. Reduce how often your phone is connected to the network to save the battery.

Find Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendar -> Retrieve New Data -> Slide Off

9. Retrieve e-mail less

This is related to the above tip. If the data pressure setting is disabled, it limits the compulsory checking of emails. (I'm referring to myself)

I know, I know – why is there a smartphone if we limit our constraint to checking e-mails? I accept.

Find Options -> Mail, Contacts, Calendar -> Get New Data -> Select Preferences

10. Turn on automatic brightness

Find in the Settings app -> Brightness and wallpaper -> Auto brightness on.

eleventh Reduce the Brightness of the Screen

You can control how clear the screen is with this slider one step. Of course, the less glossy, the less drainage. Sigh, now where is the flashlight when I need it.

12th Stop Motion

iOS7 has an interesting feature that has a parallax effect. Delicious. If you move to your apps from your iPhone, they seem to be separated from each other as if they were on different planes. Of course, this function depends on the battery life.

Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Reducing Movement -> Swing Green / On

13. No more dynamic backgrounds

One of the newer features of iOS 7 is the background image that moves under the application icons. It is located on the Wallpapers & Backgrounds menu. No need to change unless you have added the dynamic background. The default value is off. Look in the Settings app -> Brightness & Wallpaper

10. Preventing Background Application Updates (iOS 7)

Although I appreciate iOS7 to update my applications, if you want, you'll still fuck on your battery. So, though nice, it's best to turn it off.

Settings -> General -> Background Update -> Anyway, disable the background application completely or for some applications only.

eleventh Faster Auto-Lock

Baby sleep time: Daytime gets faster for iPhone, which helps in battery life. That just causes me to wait a second. But I hate the dead battery.

Find Settings -> General -> Auto-Lock -> Touch Your Preferences

12. Buy a Longer Life Battery

If everything else fails, just charge more batteries. Some add-ons such as mophie and Kensington offer longer battery life for the iPhone.

May I make the last suggestion. I feel like I've tried everything and my iPhone became unreliable. I have invested in many new chargers; never travel to non-output areas (I'd be wondering what I'm going to find out to find a splitter and how long), but I find myself not in my phone. There is another tip, maybe another phone! But I like apple products … or I usually do.

P.S. I was punished for the post, now my camera does not work! Damn again iOS7 !!!!!

Source by Marylyn Brennan

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