Bakugan Battle Brawlers Wii game

The Bakugan Battle Brawlers license is still unknown in America, but Battle Brawlers have fans on the other side of the Pacific. The game has nothing original: simply an anime that shows monsters, the famous Bakugans, which has been rejected in many games and are now on the Nintendo Wii. Background: A strange day card began to fall from the sky, and the kids in the world found nothing better than finding a fighting game. Specifically, the confrontation in question means the first place of the cards on the playing surface, then the ball is rolled over through the card, and when brought down, the famous Bakugans come alive.

This Wii Video Game adaptation of the Bakugan world offers an unprecedented screenplay at least as intense as the cartoon. You play a young player who is passionate about fighting Bakugan but is completely ignorant of the subject. Luckily, Dan, the heroine of the animated series and the head of the Bakugan Fighters, teaches him the art of the little strings under his wings. Good news will never come alone, and the disciple's heroes are fortunate to meet with a particularly strong Bakugan who literally falls from the sky. Rather than ask questions about the weather in question, the rookie, Leonidas, will be his little guard.

The adventure that awaits you is essentially a succession of challenges that will soon be similar: first you put "card scenes" and then launch a Bakugas. Merger occurs when two creatures meet on the same card and then compare the strength of the individual mistakes, receive the bonuses associated with the card and which can also increase the mysterious "card abilities". Each Bakugan is available in six different items: water, earth, fire, wind, light and darkness. Partially depending on this attribute depends on what bonuses you can take. Once a battle has begun, you can still get a little extra by completing the mini-game to be completed. In fact, combat always creates one of the following three activities: Shake the Wii Remote or Target, then draw on the attribute symbols or rarely rhythmic games.

Wins will help develop little warriors and acquire new cards in the Arctic store, but again we want to find a bit more diversity (compared to the available Pokemon games). Fortunately, the Bakugan Battle Brawlers offer a multiplayer mode to challenge your friends, but the balance is not perfect, and you just have to use predefined organizers and it's impossible to use the character created in Adventure mode. Finally, we would like to see an online story mode for comparing players and other horizons. In summary, the friendly design behind and the concept that could be the original, Bakugan Battle Brawlers on the Nintendo Wii scores is only 4/10 for me. The price tag of the Wii game has been much cheaper since the release of November 20, today it costs € 10.00. Simply reducing the price of the game on other console formats; sometimes even more savings will be made in the post-Christmas sales season.

Fortunately, much better RPG Wii games come out and have Christmas for Christmas. This style of video game is really hard to pick up when it comes to Wii gaming and especially the loyal fans of Pokémon.

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