Awesome iPhone 4 apps that are worth updating

After a long and improvised wait, the iPhone 4 came to the market with zealous cheers, universal recognition, and lack of all kinds of criticism. In fact, and unfortunately, it was a kind of collapse. Fortunately, most of the wrinkles were cut off and early adopters stayed with a pretty cool device with multiple cameras, a LED flash and a beautiful display. Best of all, the owners of the iPhone 4 try to try out applications that can not be accessed on other devices.

Read the best iPhone 4 apps to explore.

You have to look at this! ($ 1.99, Boinx software) Taking a pretty name, you really need to see this application. You have to see this! a camera application that delivers panoramic, collage-like photos in a fast, easy and novel way. If you have to see this! it starts recording, just waving the camera around the place. The application captures multiple images and records the relative position of the recordings with the built-in accelerometer of the phone. When you're ready you must see it! you can pack them together to share a scary picture with your friends. Unlike Pano, all edges of each shot will be visible, but this is part of the spell.

GyroSynth for iPhone 4 ($ 0.99, BeepStreet) Unfortunately, GyroSynth will not produce genuinely authentic Greek-style jigs. While you have to see this using the accelerometer to create fantastic images, and GyroSynth makes fantastic music. Just use GyroSynth to stop the phone, and just like a Therinin, rolls and pitch sounds. After a short learning curve, you will be able to make music with a series of liquid gestures. GyroSynth has many features and shooting options so you can be sure that amateurs and professional musicians find themselves.

IncrediBooth ($ 0.99, Synthetic Corp) Here's an app that takes on the iPhone 4 front-panel camera and makes it as fantastic as an unavoidable retro-style photostand. Cram with as many friends as you can in front of the iPhone and take a series of fast-paced pictures, apply beautiful film and vignetting, and save the shots as a long ribbon, just like the real one. It's not just the perfect idea you think this is a fun, inexpensive camera application that's been perfectly done.

Elements for iPhone 4 ($ 9.99, Element Collection, Inc.) Elements for iPhone 4 is an educational application that … wait, do not leave! Sure, the Elements teach one or two things, but the interface is very nice, the graphics are stunning and the information grabs it. Based on a hardcover book with the same name, the elements begin with the periodic table and expand thereafter. Touch the battery to get a cool 360-degree view of a particular component. Scroll down to find great trivia, stories, and even the Wolfram Alpha computer science database for up-to-the-minute information. You do not have to be a chemical boss to lose this app for hours.

LED lighting for the iPhone 4 Free (Jason Ting free) Do you remember all the terrible flashlight applications that flooded into the App Store seemingly moments after the developers opened up? They all used the screen as a light source, and some of them had the zeal to get money. Fortunately, LED Light for iPhone Free uses the iPhone 4 ultra-bright flashlight for you when it's needed and it does not matter at all. There is a paid version if you want to avoid iAds, but this free version has all the features: stroboscope, sleep timer and some others. This is the only flashlight application you will need.

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