AVG Antivirus 2011

I talked about AVG, returned a few years back. For good old days, people thought Symantec Anti-Virus was the symbol of the antivirus symbol. Do you remember Peter Norton? The original author of Norton Anti-Virus under DOS! Even after Symantec Anti-Virus has left the image to date, it is one of the oldest and most reliable.

Let's talk a bit about AVG's wide appearance. This is the time when Symantec has caused many technical problems against antivirus. Not just Symantec, but Kaspersky Anti-Virus. The free version of AVG has exceeded Symantec and Kaspersky in many ways. By contrast, AVG started with a FREE version.

Even then, Kaspersky with Endless was concerned with "detecting / removing potentially dangerous files," which actually deleted the hard disk content and installed and removed issues of Symantec Anti-Virus. People have hard drives removed because they could not remove it! Apart from both Kaspersky and Norton, they needed a large amount of system resources. All this was the release of AVG Wide, which virtually secured AVG's success. AVG has never had any problems with installing / uninstalling. AVG The Virus Definition Database was a better way. It worked smoothly; even the free version provided better protection than the two. Not essential, AVG won the reliability and service award of the famous Australian PC Authority magazine in 2007. In addition to PCWorld.com AVG 7.5, another really important result was obtained. Received 100 million 77.

The latest AVG 2011 antivirus, if not BEST, and then undoubtedly one of the best Anti-Virus software today. The most problematic issue for AVG was always proactive security. Once again, AVG did not get a lot of tests to fail, and last time because of the proactive security of 1 month signature files. Finally, it was finally repaired. Apart from the new features, not only presentations, network protection and link scanners work perfectly, and one last thing, definitely worth paying for the full version!

Source by Giorgi Demetrashvili

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