Avaya 5420 – a great small business phone solution

When you open a new business or move to a new office space, many details have to be kept before the official opening. Some of these details, of course, include the creation of desktops and computers. Less apparent, but still essential for the telephone system. If you do not have a good phone system before you start your business, there may be a big headache that will try to figure out everything. I'm just saying this because I'm talking about experience.

When I first opened my own web design company a few years ago, I thought everything was ok – employees, desks, chairs, computers, internet connections … but wait. I forgot to see another phone system simply because we were relying so much on the internet. I thought we were not going to make a phone call, but I was really bad.

I coded to find a phone system for my small business that would work well, but it's simple. On the Internet I saw which system had the best opinion, and frankly, Avaya seemed to blow away.

I quickly looked at Avaya to find out what it costs and install the entire phone system for a group of 15 people.

Fortunately, I found a distributor that would help us at the last minute. He did a great job of installing phones and did everything he did to us. I decided to go with Avaya IP Office, more specifically with Avaya 5420. I like many features like the digital display of my speed dial number (no more writing spheres!), And my favorite feature – the big screen.

The position of these phones for my employees was great for us and for our business. I'm not worried about the system and it works very well. I am very satisfied with the quality and my business has grown (we currently have 30 employees) so my phone system is also. It's been down, which saved me against cost and stress trying to find a new phone.

I advise you to find the phone system that works well for you and install it before installing it. Starting and launching phones in a new office or new business is essential because I learned because this communication is a necessary tool for customers who are the most important part of the company because they are doing business.

Source by Frank Armstrong

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