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Motorists, this material already sounds pretty good to all car manufacturers who think about a long time in the industry.

Here are some insights you need to know directly from FMCSA about the ELD rule:

ELD is used by business drivers with the requirement to prepare:

HOS – Hours of service

RODS – Reporting of Obligatory Status

ELD must also be confirmed and registered with FMCSA together with vouchers for drivers / car dealers who need to keep the truck.

So, as of December 18, 2017, a driver using ELD will have information about ELD on board of motor vehicles (CMV).

Talking about it, ELD can be a smartphone or other wireless device if the device meets the technical specifications of the ELD rule.

Data Storage:

] For six months, a vehicle company must hold both ELD Records of:

hours of service data

copy of the data in a special device

The car carrier must ensure that these files are stored safely to protect the driver's privacy.

ELD automatically records the following data elements at certain intervals:



location information

engine time

vehicle miles

Driver Identification Information

confirmed user



Location information must be recorded by ELD at 60 minutes intervals when the vehicle is running, the driver switches on and off the engine, changes the position of the shift, indicating personal use or change of direction. [19659002] It should also be borne in mind that ELD will automatically switch to driving mode when a motorized vehicle (CMV) is moving to a certain speed limit of five miles per hour. As a result, movement in motion of more than five miles per hour must not be set. The vehicle is thought to stop when its speed decreases to zero miles per hour and stays at zero miles per hour for three consecutive seconds.

Guess what else?

ELD must be converted automatically to latitude / longitude


engine setting An ELD must be in geo-location information indicating the approximate distance and direction of the identifiable location corresponding to the name of the nearest city , town or village with state abbreviation. synchronized with the engine in motor vehicles (CMV). Engine synchronization means that engine action to automatically capture engine position, engine engine speed, mileage and engine time

Vehicle Performance? Not really.

Yes, ELD rule allows but does not require warning, or notification to drivers when they approach their HOS goals.

Data export from ELD

Since all ELD data file outputs will be the standard Comma-delimited file, the driver can export data output file in Microsoft Excel, Word notepad or other common tool. The driver will also be able to access ELD entries by screen or printing, depending on ELD design.

Bluetooth Feature

If a driver uses "local" ELD with Bluetooth capability, an authorized security manager will activate Bluetooth on their computer equipment and the driver will initiate Bluetooth electronic data transfer from the ELD driver to the computer security administrator.

The public will provide a Bluetooth pairing code for the driver to access ELD for data transfer.

Here is a great list you can view. – Compatible list ELD

The device that is connected to the device with its ECM truck sends appropriate data to the smartphone software. The software allows the system to work, as well as electronic tour reviews / follow-up reviews.

The ECM plug-in connects to your smartphone, like many others, over Bluetooth, and smartphone application instructions are now available on the IOS and Android platform. The data is published by web designers who create a unique account.

Most ELD links are connected to other engines, often smart phones or tablets, resulting in a common BYOD (comes with their own devices).

For such devices, some contain cellular networks within the engine of the exchange rate, some do not.

For non-general additional costs incurred for scheduled mobile phone charges, this is not reflected here.

Simple Overview for Car Manufacturers:

We only get new industrial information so that every single car out there can read it and get a general idea – for a detailed explanation of special cases, feel free to visit FMCSA for sure.

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