Astrology and Suicide – Your mark may affect your choice

Your astrology not only affects the chances of suicide, it also affects how you choose to do it!

Suicide is a sad response to stress, pressure, anger, depression and sometimes mental illness. Each single person who faces a certain situation will be assigned to complete his life when another person facing a similar situation will not even consider it can often be explained by the personality characteristics and characteristics of the participants (including of course). Anyone with a balanced knowledge of astrology knows that the sign you are born will affect their personality, creativity, intelligence, success, etc.

A major study investigating 60,000 abnormal deaths revealed that individual astrological signs did not only affect how they live, it also affects how they could die. In particular, when suicide is considered (as one of more than 10 non-retrofit abnormalities), there is a clear connection between the methods used and the likelihood of killing and the starred record.

If you have knowledge of astrology, I imagine you are already formulating headline conclusions regarding the most likely to commit suicide and how they would do it.

To give a clear picture of astrological signs and suicides, four methods were examined in detail. In overdose of drugs, Capricorn and Leo were equal leaders with Scorpio as the symbol most likely to commit suicide in this way. Fish is a sign that is most likely to die from suicide by hanging, with the scorpion at least again. Carbon monoxide poisoning (usually in a car) is the method most often chosen by Taurus, with a Sagittarius who is most likely to choose this way to commit suicide. The final method of killing himself in this study was the death of a shotgun, with Virgos being the first and Skord dragons to come again.

You can view the symbols sorted first for the above reasons, with results that are deducted from exercises (negative and positive) for each symbol. For example: Pisces, a deeply contemplative watermark given for intense fantasy can struggle to cope with reality. Add a lot of vulnerability Many fish suffer from and certain abilities for dramatic and it is not difficult to explain why fish first score in hanging. Scorpio is the sign that is most likely to die for unnatural death for some reason, but is probably the sign of causing another's death.

By knowing how your message is in abnormal deaths and suicides, you can be better prepared to seek help if you need it, monitor your weaknesses and acknowledge your strength.

Source by Claire Oakwood

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