Are you smart enough for a smart phone?

Get ready, your smartphone is just the next
"Must Have" tech device. Don't laugh, it may be more true than many of us who have understood or would like to believe.


Mainly because the smartphone fulfills our growing
demand for a mobile device that provides all the features of the
laptop / internet / phone in a small package. We want everything
and we want it to be small. Go!

Regardless of the size of the brain cells, all of us need a small communication device
that continually connects the
case. Connected to friends, family, or business
over the phone and the Internet. It is completely related to our lives
and our "I" feeling.

So you pass the smart test when it comes to smartphones?
Or is he still scratching his head, wondering why he needs
another techno gizmor that upsets your life?

If you are still curious, there are seven reasons or reasons why
would be smart to consider purchasing a smart phone.

first PDA and Cell Phone Combo

A smartphone is actually a combination of a mobile phone and
a pda. The best of the two worlds: a mobile phone and
a pda function in a simple little device. The smart
phones have different designs: candy-bar, clamshell,
slider and pinball.

The smart phone offers many pda-like features, but keep in mind
that it is even more a mobile phone than a dedicated
PDA that offers larger screens and more applications.
The PDA is more like a small computer or laptop than a cellular

As technology gets faster and the lower ones can expect
smartphones to look more like a dedicated PDA, and in a smaller package
they offer more applications and traditional
manual operation.

2nd Mobile Convenience

Perhaps the biggest advantage of smartphones
is the mobility you give. Constant
can contact your friends, family or work.
For mobile professionals this is very convenient and
is a practical way to stay in touch with the work.

3rd Laptop Mini-Me

The smartphone and especially the Pda phone can be a simple portable computer that can be carried anywhere. This device
can connect all the necessary information via telephone and the Internet instead of a small laptop
Extremely useful for students and field professionals
such as real estate agents, builders, architects …

Although somewhat different creatures, the
line is a Pda Phone and a smart phone obscures reality.
Smart phones are generally smaller and have fewer features
than a PDA phone that connects with a PDA (Personal
Digital Assistant) or a handheld computer.

4th Entertain Me

These smart and pda phones are playing an increasing number,
MP3, camera, video … all
entertain. It is important that the long plane or car
travel unexpectedly. It is also great if
keeps it possibly impeccable and
completely ignores their environment for hours
. Save your head on your head by getting
smart phone for little juniors or small gaps!

5th The Lost Factor

Just admit we've all lost sometime
in our lives. You don't have to be now; many of these smart
pda phones have a GPS system to keep in touch with
. Make it absolutely
smart phone!

6th The cool factor

There is something about style; these
smartphones are stylish and stylish. Fashion
does not need to buy smart smartphones, but unfortunately
will be an important factor for many customers.

7th The iPhone Factor

The "Cool" factor is expected to jump sharply when the
comes to the market. The iPhone can make the
smartphones made by the iPod for MP3 players.
Hey, there's nothing cooler than an Apple!

In addition to the cool factor, the iPhone is likely to revolutionize the detection and appearance of smart phones
The smart phone does not raise to height
and focuses on our lives.

Most of us will be smart enough to grab a techno miracle of
quickly. And what about you? Be smart
to get a smart phone or take the opposite

While you notice, you only remember that
does not have to be Einstein to evaluate the
smart phone.
Primary candidate for the next Jackass video will unnecessarily eliminate you
– everyone can enjoy using a smart phone.

Source by Titus Hoskins

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