Are you really involved in your customers?

In today's market, you need to be a bit creative but your competition to ensure that you are running sales. Let's face it, if you're selling tangible products from a retail store, you'll need to do all you can to make sure your customers return.

Honestly, anything you can sell could probably be found online. And often the price of the product is lower than what you sell and can be moved to the doorstep in a few days. So, other than a moment of satisfaction for the purchase, what are you doing to bring them and keep them coming?

You may have attractive looking establishments, great products and friendly staff that are all good, but, what have you got yet? You really need to join your customers. One great way to do it is to have email messages on the table. Let them know that those on the mailing list receive special promotions, early notifications of sales and sometimes special discounts. Make sure they know you're privacy and never share their information with anyone.

When you have them on your list, you need a simple and easy-to-use method for sending them email. That's where the autoresponder comes into play. There are numerous providers that offer this type of service and they can automate a lot of your market. Once you have one of these accounts, you can set up ready-made messages that go out in pre-defined times. For example, once you have entered them in the system you can send an automatic "welcome" email. You may also have a special discount for them in this email as a way to thank them for participating. Be sure to give them a certain amount of time to redeem the discount. When you do this, get it back to your workplace.

As you continue to build your list, you can really work on your customers instead of just hoping they'll be back. Let's say you have a new new stock … send them an e-mail to let them know. Perhaps you have a new "seasonal" stock that just came. You can warn your customers with fast emails and possibly even some photos to make your appetite. In addition, you could let them know of special discounts during the season, reducing the amount of supplies. As you begin to put creative thinking into this, you will find your sales.

Now let's consider complimenting your email participation with your customers. Do you know who with a smartphone? Of course, you make it like they are dominating cell phones in the market today. Are you familiar with the "preacher"? It's when you see people with their heads down, both hands on their phone, either reading or typing something. People are so involved in technology that sometimes enters them into things, people or traveling and falling because they were not paying attention. It makes great You Tube footage, but it also provides a great market for you … if you enjoy it.

Are you familiar with Mobile Marketing? Here again, there are numerous service providers out there, trust me here … the cost of using one of these services is minimal and not time-consuming when compared to an expanded company you can create. Simply, people, your customers, like feeling special, why not treat them that way … better than your competition.

As in marketing marketing, you first need to let your customers "sign up" "opt-in" or give you permission to join them. Many of these mobile operators can provide you with content to attract customers in the professional field that you want to be on your list. Once you have registered with a company, you must have an SMS or keyword that is exclusively for you that your customers will enter their text messages. The initial response they come back from the system are "Thank you for participating" text. Usually, the best thing to do is to give them an offer for participation. The key here is that you have them in your list and you can often, but not too much, actively participate in them.

Use some of the same things described above in email marketing. Tell them about special sales, new inventory or announcements. The idea is that you are participating in them, and they feel special. Trust me in this too … when they get text or when you get text … what do you do? You look at it pretty soon, not you … except when you're driving, I hope. This can and will run sales like never before.

These mobile devices are powerful tools that can be used to grow your business and follow. I have been providing credit card transactions with merchants of all types for more than two decades. In addition to providing the necessary services, I have also advised my merchants on numerous marketing ideas over the years. I have shown creative use for gift cards, email marketing ideas and recently, mobile marketing to drive sales. Therefore, I have developed very loyal customers because they see my desire to not only sell my services but help them grow too.

Hopefully, you're starting to have your creative ideas flow as a result of what you've seen here. I wish you a lot of success in your efforts and thank you for reading.

Source by Michael Saum

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