Are you in Terminal Love?

If you're a Linux geek, I'm pretty sure you're in love with the terminal. If you have surfed the Internet to search for solutions in linux, you may often end up on sites that give you some commands over the terminal as the solution. This is why many people hate Linux as it indicates that "Terminal is a preferred GUI in Linux". The irony is that it's the fact that many drive to fall in love with Linux.

Why do the terminals rinse many?

Everyone had Microsoft Windows at least once a lifetime and many are still coping with it. Yes, we were all once used to Windows that tries to remove users as far away from the manager as possible. What was the result? These people (involving me) were barred from realizing the possibility of control windows. Yup, we were unaware of the power of the terminal. I tell you, even MS-DOS is quite high powerful.

Why should you fall in love with the terminal?

As mentioned before, we have often seen many sites that tell us to do a lot by using the terminal. When we live with lots of screenshots, we've got a lot of orders. Have you ever wondered why was it? The answer is quite simple – It's much easier for a person to copy and paste commands in the terminal, following the steps shown in the series of screens. Another advantage is that people often use different desktop environments, which means different graphical applications, and often one must provide a special solution for each desktop environment. If there is a desktop environment, the terminal solution is still unique.

If you need a solution by entering a simple one-way script, you can always use shell scripts. Skeljri skrifar hafa fullt af skipunum í einu skrá og hlaupandi þýðir að raðgreining þessara skipana er í gangi. What you need to do is download the appropriate script script and just run it at the terminal.

How to fall in love with Terminal?

1. Start using the terminal.

2. Learn some unix commands and try the terminal one by one.

3. Use commands & # 39; the man & # 39; and & nbsp; information & # 39; to learn about Linux command. (How to use a person and information here.)

4. Learn some cartridges.

5. Use & # 39; VIM & # 39; editor while writing scripts and applications.


Better late and never. Be aware of the potential of terminal traffic and get in love with the terminal.

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