Applications for Verizon iPhone

You will need applications for your new Verizon Apple iPhone and you can choose from hundreds of thousands; they guess about 300,000, as they get more on a daily basis on the market. Verizon wants to import and count its own VCast Rhapsody app for music, but of course there are other ways to select the music through the iPhone.

Some of the most popular applications are of course Netflix and Angry Birds, but if they get tired, you can download Dropbox. This is great as you can access any file on your computer where it is. Set up an account and download the box to your computer, then get this application for iPhone and save files from your PC and iPhone to your Dropbox server. Then you can access files from both devices by releasing the hard drive space and allow you to send files to your iPhone, such as MP3s and PDFs. Free, so you have no hidden costs and can work anywhere.

Google Mobile App is probably the easiest way to find a mobile web. If you are not able to enter what you are looking for in the search box, you can only talk about what you need on the iPhone microphone and Google will do everything in its power to figure out what you're looking for and track it. you. If you switch to Google Goggles and want to target the camera on an object or scene you want to identify, you will try to identify what you are looking for. This way you can get the product's scanning barcodes or even solve the difficult Sudoku puzzle for you.

The Dictionary application is useful if you do not want to wear hard storage. This application is so good if it is no better than a dictionary and is very useful in finding the meaning of unknown words.

The Facebook app lets you upload photos and browse and allow your friends to notice your location so you can meet them if you want. Of course, it's free and if you feel lonely while traveling around, you can still maintain close contact with others on the social network.

If you are one of the people who hear the song and you are wondering who the artist is, then the Shazam application is for you. "Hear" a song or song piece, and then in seconds to identify the song and the singer. You never have to ask your long-suffering friends, "who sings this?" again.

Another useful app, the Google Translate app, which translates 50 languages ​​in English into fashion. Not perfect, but better than nothing.

There are free applications for everyone, either for free or cheap, so buy to find the ones that are right for you.

Source by John J. Klein

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