Applications and Used Cell Phones

The unprecedented success of the iPhone and the mobile app market as a direct effect of the introduction of iPhone has encouraged others to not only offer mobile devices, but also develop and sell applications.

Applications in the market are widely varying. Some have been designed to provide important information to users, while others simply have hours of fun. In both cases, many of these applications are valuable tools. Below I've listed some common and some up and running apps that are available on most available phones.

Apps from Google

Google recently issued a mobile phone called G1 and whose apps were made for Google. However, they have been expanded to design apps that work on many phones. The most popular applications are a Gmail application and GoogleMaps – which can help people keep in touch and in the right place at all times.


Skype, a free and significantly discounted phone service that allows users to make calls over the Internet or through a data transfer on a mobile phone, is also available for most mobile phones. Mobile phone operators may not enjoy the availability of the Skype application because their profits are greatly reduced as users are using the free services provided by Skype. Even international calls can be paid to the user at no cost.


Many people use the downloadable Desktop Weatherbug app on their home and work computers to reflect the latest weather in local weather. However, many people do not know that a similar application is available on mobile phones. This app can be configured to alert users in real-time to local weather warnings and provide detailed forecasts.

Wireless Applications

If you want to listen to the radio instead of MP3, you will be excited about the many radio applications available. These applications work with streaming media on the Internet. This offers you an alternative to uploading your phone using MP3 files and lets you do things like listening to your favorite local morning program during commute when you are in the store all over the country.

Pretty and fun

One of the most popular applications for geeks is everywhere in the Light Saber app; taking advantage of the accelerometer included in the most clever phones, the light beam emulates the light sword of one of the star stars while blinking lights blink on the screen. Finally, I would like to remind you that while most mobile apps are available for free download, not all. And some applications that can be downloaded freely should not be used. As such, do the research before you begin downloading any application you think it seems cool. Likewise, parents of children using mobile phones may consider downloading the application on their children's phones when they talk to a representative of the service provider. If you do not currently have an app-friendly phone, but you think you'd like to consider shopping in the used mobile phone market to save some of your costs.

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