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Steve Jobs pointed out that in the first month of operation, iTunes's software store had over 30 million US dollars in sales in the first month. Jobs predicted that the software store would translate into at least $ 360 million annual growth in the company's gross income. Employees continued to say that Apple would see 500 million US dollars and possibly 1 billion US dollars in revenue from the online store soon.

Income tax app iPhone continues to grow. It predicted that in addition to increased revenue, the apps store will increase sales on iPhone and other mobile devices like the iPod Touch.

In addition to the iPhone, Apple is rumored to release a new powerbook / airbag laptop. Recent reports say that Apple announced Best Buy that shipments on Power Book notebooks would have decreased in the coming weeks and to build inventory accordingly. Additionally, Apple has increased orders for LCD laptop screens from vendors, and images have been leaked and show what appears to be an aluminum Mac bookshelf.

The planned release of time before the end of the annual trip will put Apple computers along with both iPhone and iPods at the top of many wish lists. It is assumed that both iPhone and Apple computers see increased presence and market share in the world

For long periods, Apple TV, the last few years of inadequate product line, is expected to continue and become as popular as Apple & # 39; s other products. As entertainment at home will be centralized by the convergence of television, movies, music, computer and the internet, Apple TV will serve as a center for both of these features together in both current and future. In addition, iTunes movie and tv stores will rise significantly.

Apple's Individual Analysis remains one of the strongest and most famous in the world. The character at the top of the line and stylish products makes it one of the largest companies in the electronics industry.

New products, where new development and almost exclusive income fluctuations draw attention to continued growth, even in today's lack of economy. Apple has managed to resist most of its competitors in terms of growth and profit, which indicates that it's obviously high P / E by more than twice its many competitors.

Hawk's market value has a target price of $ 204 per share at the end of the year, indicating both medium and medium ownership.

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